Good Morning, Here's 13 Minutes From The New Shovel Knight Expansion

GIF: Kotaku

Fresh from the floor of PAX East this year, Shovel Knight has a new DLC. Here's 13 minutes of straight footage.

Provided courtesy of Handsome Phantom on YouTube, the direct capture shows a boss fight against King Knight as well as a good amount of platforming from the new Shovel Knight expansion.

Anyone who owns Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will get the campaign for free, and will come more than 30 levels split across four worlds.

As an aside, King of Cards will also have a card battling mini-game. It's an unusual little mode where you play creatures onto a 10-tile grid that each have the ability to push other creatures around. The game ends when all of the centre squares are filled, and the winner gets to take a card from the loser.

Here's how it plays out in real time, courtesy of GameXplain:

King of Cards is due for release sometime this year.


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