Shovel Knight’s Free Expansion Is Coming Out Shortly

Shovel Knight’s Free Expansion Is Coming Out Shortly

One of the best games of the past year and a half is getting an expansion very soon. And it’s free.

“It’s an NES game released 25 years too late. It’s the type of platformer that a whole lot of people have been craving for a very long time.”

That’s what Jason said about the original Shovel Knight when it launched last year. It echoes what the majority of people said about Shovel Knight, in fairness — it was one of the most well received games on any platform in 2014.

Plague of Shadows is the new expansion and it adds a whole new story, character (Plague Knight, obviously), a crafting system, new bosses, objectives, enemies, pathways through the existing content, challenges and more.

You can purchase the original Shovel Knight, which will grant you access to the expansion, for US$15 on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), the WiiU and the 3DS.

And the game has a 97% rating on Steam from over 4,500 reviews. Just thought I’d mention that.


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