Great Cosplay From The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, was held between April 6-8 and The Portrait Dude was in attendance taking shots of some of the best cosplay.

You can see more of The Portrait Dude's photography at his Facebook page.

Cosplay by Egg Sisters 

Cosplay by crazycocoabutter

Cosplay by supermanofcentralfl

Cosplay by frankskupien

Cosplay by Jake Murdock

Cosplay by Baroness Von T Cosplay

Cosplay by Kyra Wulfgar Illustration: Steven Smith

Cosplay by Steven K Smith

Cosplay Chelsey Currently


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    Cosplay. Esports. Twitch. How great would it be to turn them off from our feeds? :)

      What would you even visit the site for then, you'd get like 1 thing to read a day without all that

      Or you know.

      dont click on articles you dont like.

      Surely such a simple task is not beyond you.

        Meanwhile, at Kotaku HQ...

        "That cosplay story got some hits and comments? Awesome, better send some more"

    George Clooney as the Gambit?

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