Panda 1, Tekken Champ 0

Panda 1, Tekken Champ 0

A top Tekken player was eliminated from Korea Masters today, by none other than a Panda player.

Choi “Saint” Jinwoo is considered one of the best in the world at Tekken 7, consistently placing in the top 3. His opponent Rangchu, however, was in the middle of a stellar run in the tournament, and wasn’t about to let himself be intimidated. While he’d been switching between two fighters, he locked in the good ol’ Panda to take on Saint’s Jack-7.

A true testament to low-tiers everywhere. Even Pandas can take down hulking robot mohawk commandos. Saint was eliminated at 7th-8th, while Rangchu made it one spot further to 5th-6th.


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