The Last Of Us Kind Of Works On Emulator Now

The Last Of Us Kind Of Works On Emulator Now
Image: Sony

The team behind PS3 emulator RPCS3 just keep chugging along. Only a month ago they showed off footage of Red Dead Redemption working on their emulator. Now there’s footage of The Last of Us.

We’re not talking about a perfect emulation that would go head to head with the Playstation 4 remaster of The Last of Us. The footage released shows a jerky, slow rendering of Joel wandering around with plenty of graphical artifacts and glitches.

I’m still impressed.

The Last of Us is now classified as ‘ingame’ by RPCS3. That status means the game has serious glitches, insufficient performance or can’t be finished. These things are immediately apparent from the footage. Even the highest classification of ‘playable’ means that the game can be played from start to finish.

The Playstation 3’s hardware was notoriously difficult to work with. For anyone to emulate one of the games that made the most of that hardware is a significant feat.

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