A Board Game That's Also Every Cop Movie

I'm a sucker for board games with an interesting premise and cool art, so I'm very interested in Brook City, an upcoming release by the same guys behind Street Masters.

The inspiration is cop movies. Everything from Lethal Weapon to Dirty Harry to Miami Vice is clearly represented here, as players choose a police officer to control then drive around the city catching crooks and solving cases.

The art is amazing, but the game also ships with 51 miniatures, representing not just the police you can play as but the criminals as well.

It's currently taking orders on Kickstarter.


    It looks good, but can you play as a traitorous, car driving dog?

      Is that a reference I'm not picking up on? lol

        Police Precinct.
        It's a boardgame where players play police officers driving around a city a solving a crime. One player is the corrupt cop as has to stop the others from solving the crime without being found out. One of the player roles is a german shepherd, but that doesn't stop him from either driving a car or screwing everyone else over.

    That board reminds me of GTA!! Looking at the KS page, seems you can run around on foot and drive around in cars! Awesome

    Does it have car chases down huge hills (like San Francisco) where random hubcaps fly off? Do I get +1 to my dice rolls for muttering "I'm getting too old for this shit" at the start of my turn?

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