Acer Are Releasing A Military-Grade Hard Case Because Why The Hell Not?

Acer announced a lot of Predator-related products at their global press conference today. But something that got one of the biggest audience reactions was a case.

This thing is an absolute unit and kind of looks like it could be used to store an elaborate weapon. We were told during the event that this thing is made from military-grade material, because that's definitely necessary.

I joke, it's awesome. By looking at it, I'm not particularly surprised by this revelation.

On the inside you'll find two 'pick n' pluck' polyethylene layers (which means you can customise them to fit around your PC) and an automatic pressure equalisation valve.

The case itself is also watertight, crush proof and dust proof.

The Predator Hard Case is designed for serious gamers who travel with their rigs and want to make sure that their hardware is going to be protected. This makes it particularly relevant for esports professionals.

Sadly, we don't have pricing or a release date as yet. But watch this space.

The author attended [email protected] as a guest of Acer.


    Looks like a rebranded Pelican case to me
    Also pick'n'pluck is garbage and should be replaced asap :P

    Needs some clear shots of the interior of the case.

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