Bethesda Announces Fallout: 76

The next big game from Fallout developer Bethesda Game Studios is Fallout: 76, the company announced today, and although the studio hasn't yet said what it is, we hear it's an online game of some sort.

Here's everything we know about the game:

Sources: Fallout 76 Is An Online Survival RPG

When Bethesda announced Fallout 76 with a teaser trailer this morning, promising more information at E3, it was easy to assume that the new game would be a traditional single-player role-playing game. But Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that's heavily inspired by games such as DayZ and Rust, according to three people familiar with the project.

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And here's the teaser trailer:

From what we've heard, this game is under development at both Bethesda Game Studios' main office in Maryland and at the Austin office formerly known as Battlecry Studios. That Austin office, which started in 2012, was making a hero shooter called Battlecry before Bethesda cancelled it.

We'll see more of the game at Bethesda's E3 press conference on June 11.


    I really hope this doesn’t emerge as some PVP gankfest asshole-incubator like DayZ and Rust.

    If so, I’d probably bill it as taking the top spot for worst Fallout property ever - even over Xbox/PS2 twin-stick shooter Brotherhood of Steel.

    Last edited 31/05/18 8:20 am

    I think I'm over the greys and browns and robots, couldn't be bothered anymore.

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