Brooklyn Nine-Nine Picked Up By NBC, No Longer Canceled

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Picked Up By NBC, No Longer Canceled

In news that I expect will thrill my comedy-loving colleagues, comedy cop show Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been rescued by NBC, which is bringing the series back for a sixth season.

The comedy was a cult favourite for five seasons on Fox, but was cancelled last week, to the despair of a lot of fans, including an inordinate amount of Kotaku and Compete staffers.

Even Hideo Kojima’s best friend mourned the show’s loss:

But beloved comedies have a way of returning. See Arrested Development‘s revival on Netflix and Roseanne‘s recent return after a generational break.

And the show’s co-creator re-joiced:

Some of our staff recently were talking about whether the show was on the decline, saying the current season has been a step down. Others are still loving it. All of them now get to watch the next season and see if it can bounce back.

Now, which other cancelled comedies should come back?


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