Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Short Features Qi'ra And The Greatest Bounty Hunter Of All Time

Hey there, big droid buddy.

That's right. The droid; the myth; the cylindrical legend. IG-88 is back, and this time he's chasing Qi'ra, a new heroine introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

This short also features the return of Hondo, a fun character (is he a fan favourite? I don't know, tell me in the comments?) from Clone Wars and Rebels, as they both try to chase down Han Solo's one-time associate.

How will they fare? How will Hondo handle teaming up with the greatest, most handsomest droid this side of HK-47?

Well, they try. They certainly try. Either way, the highlight of this short for me is IG-88, who I think might here (I haven't seen Solo yet) might speak his first lines in the entire Star Wars universe.

Also, Qi'ra rules. Check it out.


    Geez, could they have at least animate her kicking the back of his knees? That sweep looks so weak.

    She know Teras Kasi after all.

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