You Can Thank Ryan Reynolds For That Crazy Deadpool 2 Music Video

You Can Thank Ryan Reynolds For That Crazy Deadpool 2 Music Video

It’s going to take a while before a comicbook movie finds a better promo than Deadpool doing interpretative dance around Celine Dion while wearing heels. And it begged the question: of all the crazy ideas that Fox had for the film, how the hell did they get Celine Dion on board?

The music video for Dion’s single, Ashes, was directed by David Leitch, the co-director on John Wick and director for Atomic Blonde. And according to Leitch in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the idea to bring Celine Dion came from Ryan Reynolds.

“I was like, man, I really would love to find an artist to record this — a contemporary artist who’s got the chops to make it super emotional,” Leitch reportedly said. “I brought it to Ryan Reynolds and we started to riff on it. And he’s like, ‘You know who we should get? We should approach Céline. She’s an incredible singer, she’s amazing, but she’s also someone who works in the sort of subversive Deadpool universe.'”

The director said Reynolds approached Dion directly to get her on board. One of Dion’s children happened to be a fan of the original Deadpool movie, which undoubtedly helped. Another intriguing element is that the music video is actually part of the movie’s plot, rather than being a separate teaser.

To read the interview in full, head to Entertainment Weekly.


    • I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d get a Deadpool movie that was good. So to then get a sequel that looks as good, with some of my favourite actors appearing alongside Reynolds?
      It almost makes my depressing garbage fire of a life worth it in case I get a trilogy.

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