Report: There May Be As Many As Nine Star Wars Movies In Development

Report: There May Be As Many As Nine Star Wars Movies In Development

Ackbar, lookin’ at all them Star Wars films. Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

According to one actor involved in the Star Wars franchise, there is a lot going on.

That actor is Tom Kane, a voice actor who has held several roles in the franchise (he was Ackbar’s voice in The Last Jedi), and who is especially known for being the guy they call to voice Yoda when Frank Oz is busy.

According to Kane, he isn’t aware of a Yoda movie in development — but he shared at a recent appearance at All Star Comic Con that there might be as many as nine films in current development.

The tweeter there is Aaron Goins, host of a Star Wars podcast and attendee of the aforementioned convention.

That’s a lot of Star Wars movies. That may include: Episode IX, Rian Johnson’s trilogy, Benioff and Weiss’s movies, and then a couple new side story films.

Important note here: just because a film idea is in development doesn’t mean it’s going to get made. Most films in early development don’t, in fact. But that’s still a lot of movies. At least we know that they’re busy planning for the future. The long, long future.



  • They might not all get green-lit. Still, Disney wasn’t just going to let a $4 billion investment gather dust.

  • We already knew this?

    – Episode IX
    – Boba Fett film (this is confirmed)
    – Strongly rumored Obi-wan film
    – 3 more Rian Johnson films
    – Series of films by Benioff and Weiss (GoT writers) – this was a three-film deal too
    – Sequel to Solo (it’s left open for one, Alden Ehrenreich is contracted for two more movies, and Jon Kasdan has talked about ideas he had for a sequel involving Bossk.
    – Guillermo Del Toro has apparently had a pitch under consideration for years
    – There’s low-level talks about a Lando film though that’s “not a priority” for them right now

    Also Taika Waititi was basically offered a film if he wants one (we’ll see if anything comes of that) and there’s a good chance we’ll see another animated film at some point I think.

    • Don’t count on a Solo sequel. Since it flopped, they’re likely to roll the sequel ideas into the other movies such as Boba Fett, if that goes forward. As for the Del Toro film, he’s left more movies than he’s filmed, so I won’t believe he’s going ahead until the cameras roll unfortunately.

      • It underperformed for sure (and shouldn’t have, it’s actually a pretty enjoyable film), but wait and see what the home video sales look like before you write it off.

        Also they could simply decide to do a sequel on a lower budget, with lower expectations. They massively over-spent on it due to the troubled production – it cost more to make than Episode VIII did.

      • It didn’t flop. It just wasn’t an unstoppable moneytrain like the others. It’s a super niche title that most people don’t care about and the general buzz around has been “Ok, but why?” since the day it was revealed.
        It’s for nerds who care about shit that the vast majority of Star Wars viewers don’t care about. It was also released really close to another Star wars movie and we’re getting one a year at this point.

        • It cost 250 million to make at this point, not counting advertising (which is rumoured to be over 100m at this point). At the lowest, it has to make approximately 500m to break even (hollywood accounting, roughly 2.2x initial budget).

          At this point, worldwide, Solo has taken 340 million dollars. Worldwide takings garners the studio far less profit than local takings does. Locally, it breaks down to 194 million locally, 147 worldwide. Solo has not taken a profit yet (crossing the initial budget doesn’t mean it’s made its money back yet after all). When it hits approximately 500ish, it will.

          At this point, Solo is absolutely flopping.

          However, in the grand scheme, Disney hasn’t lost money due to the profits taken from Ep7, RO, Ep8 and their merchandise.

          • After international markets, merchandising, streaming, and physical media sales, I’m certain it will be profitable. Not very profitable and probably not enough for a sequel, but it’ll be in the black. Which is a surprise to me seeing that it’s the opposite of what has been successful recently.

            They’ve been making money hand over fist by pushing social inclusive narratives with big casts doing things with broad implications for the universe going forward. A flashback about how someone became that cool guy from 40 years ago seems like a losing idea to me.

          • It was so profitable they just put all the standalone movies on hold…

            I mean seriously, what other proof do you need?

          • Just like an EA game, of it’s not massively profitable, it’s not enough. I won’t say it’ll do well but Disney standards and I honestly don’t have a dog in this fight (I haven’t seen it and probably never will). But a flop is a serious loss. Like cutthroat island or Catwoman. This is just going to be a poorly performing movie in a stable of massively profitable ones.

          • Indeed, but Disney’s now scrambling to reorient itself unfortunately in a WB kinda way it seems, which is unfortunate (I really enjoyed Solo myself and actually wouldn’t mind it having its own trilogy?) If it’s true and they’re axing Kenobi over this? That’s a goddamn crime. Ewan deserves his own movie, he was the MVP of the prequels by far.

        • I enjoyed it but it was a definite flop. Budget of $275m means it needed to make $500m+ just to break even. Disney will probably end up losing more than $100m on Solo.

    • yep they ran it into the ground.

      6 movies in 40 years, (only 3 good ones) but that’s how you make something special.
      1 mediocre movie every year, while still always involving the same characters, that’s how you create burnout.

  • Flooding the market.
    Brand over saturation.
    These terms mean nothing to Disney. Even though Star Wars has been a popular and profitable franchise for decades between movies. Why not just leave it at that?

    • They’re turning it into the Assassin’s Creed of movie franchises. You can have too much of a good thing.

  • I feel like I must be in the minority that think most of the new movies are garbage, with the exception of Solo.

  • I feel like Star Wars is losing its magic, as they continue to shoot out more films. As a self-proclaimed, avid Star Wars fan and geek, I’ve yet to see Solo and I’ve honestly heard bad things.

    Personally, I think a Solo movie is/was unnecessary, as we mostly know about Han’s backstory in the original trilogy, we know his unfortunate fate in The Force Awakens and when you give a character like this an origin, it takes away his mystique.

    I also think an Obi-Wan film is unnecessary. We already know what happens to him, he goes into a self-imposed exile, travels to Tatooine and watches over Luke whilst Leia is in the care of Bail Organa on Alderaan. During that time, Obi-Wan faces off against Darth Maul one last time and easily defeats him (Star Wars: Rebels, which is Disney Canon).

    A Boba Fett film might be cool… but I’d rather see a “sequel” rather than “prequel”, e.g. I don’t want to know about Boba’s past life, that’s been addressed in Attack of the Clones and Rebels. I want to see him survive the Sarlacc Pit!

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