Sims 4 Expansion Lets You Bang Santa

The new Sims 4 expansion introduces holidays into the game. More importantly, it lets you screw Santa.

Seasons, a new expansion released last Saturday, spices up the world of Sims 4 by adding seasons, a new gardening career and also holidays.

One of them, Winterfest, is a Christmas-esque holiday that occurs in winter. If you have a fireplace in your house, Father Winter, the game's version of Santa, comes down the chimney to give you presents... and more?

I noticed from the start that flirting with Santa was an option, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to get impregnated by him. This morning, I saw that Sims' players had noticed that not only could you bone Winter Daddy, your children would get a special trait denoting them as the spawn of Santa.

After seeing that, I had to try it out. I began my game in winter, and then waited a couple of days for Winterfest to begin. After a little cheating to get their relationships higher, my sim Charly Bliss had no problem seducing Santa.

She ended up having twins, who I named Elvis and Elsa, who do indeed have a special trait, "Father Winter's Baby", that shows that they are the legitimate children of Father Winter.

Although I had hoped for Frozen-style ice powers, Elvis and Elsa's special ability is a bit disappointing.

In The Sims 4, completing quests called "Whims" will give you "satisfaction points" that you can use to buy other special traits or objects, such as a potion that fills your needs, or a trait that makes you get dirty less quickly.

Both Elsa and Elvis seemed to be getting more satisfaction points than normal Sims. This was kind of a let-down, as I usually forget satisfaction points are even a thing when I'm playing.

Still, I love my new magical children. I especially love that Elvis ended up inheriting his dad's white hair. They have even got a pretty good relationship with the guy, given that he only comes around once a year (if you know what I mean).


    This is finally going to get me to buy sims 4. Been waiting so long.

    Now we just wait for some deranged 4Channer to create a hellish Santa's workshop filled with his own Santa spawn child labourers.

    Sweet Christmas!

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