Call Of Duty: WWII Will Finally Get Top-Level Rewards, 8 Months Later

Call Of Duty: WWII Will Finally Get Top-Level Rewards, 8 Months Later

Rewards are finally coming to players who reach the highest ranking in Call of Duty: WWII. The long-awaited and overdue Master Prestige rewards were finally teased on Sledgehammer Games’ Weekly Livestream earlier this month.

Sledgehammer Games previously introduced players to Master Prestige rewards by adding them to their 2014 title Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Once a player reached the game’s highest rank, they then had the option to continue levelling up for 15 levels of Master Prestige, earning a new elite weapon variant with each rank. The final Master rank was called Grand Master Prestige, which rewarded the player with a full set of flashy, purple “Royalty” armour. These rewards were added in March of 2015 as an added surprise for the community.

Since then, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare have kept with the Master Prestige levelling trend, adding the extra levels and incentives to continue the hunger for experience points. These rewards came much earlier in the year than what we’re seeing for Call of Duty: WWII, and given how fast players race to max out their accounts, WWII really needed the additional rewards earlier than later.

After reaching the prestigious rank, players will still have to grind out 1000 levels to truly max out their character. Along the way, Sledgehammersaid, there will be in-game rewards given to players for reaching certain incremental levels of the Master Prestige rank.

An image was shown of the gear that gets unlocked for those who do complete the full grind to 1000, which looks pretty regal and similar to the Royalty gear from Advanced Warfare. Unsurprisingly, the WWII uniform and camo teased are also called Royalty and Royalty Tiger.

I wish we could’ve seen more examples of rewards for just hitting Master Prestige, or the lower-level tier points. The dedication is surely worth a large bonus of armory credits or some supply drops in addition to camos and uniforms, so it will be disappointing if MP level 500 turns out to only be worth a meagre camo or a hat.

Many Call of Duty YouTubers hit Master Prestige before the start of 2018. One player, “TheseKnivesOnly”, was able to reach the final rank back in February without ever firing a bullet.

When asked if he wanted to talk about the amount of time spent testing the rewards, Greg Reisdorf, the Multiplayer Creative Director for WWII, did say during the livestream, “It’s taken a bit to get them going because we had to address all those issues within the game. The game is very complex. There’s a lot that’s going on, and we don’t want to break anything when we put them out, and we want everybody’s experience to be great.”

The rewards were also confirmed to be retroactive, meaning players already at the rank of Master Prestige will receive their hard-earned loot once the big update goes live.

However, part of the community feels these rewards are coming a little too late in WWII’s life cycle — after all, Black Ops 4 is nearly here. The grind to Master Prestige level 1000 has felt quite fruitless without the rewards. Some still question why it took Sledgehammer eight months to release a reward system if level 1000’s reward is just rehashed Advanced Warfare gear.

While no specific date was given, the rewards are said to arrive with WWII’s next big update, and one should be right around the corner as the Liberty Strike event comes to a close on July 24.

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