How To Start Hollow Knight's New DLC, Godmaster

Hollow Knight, a wonderful video game starring a throng of adorable insects, got a brand new free piece of downloadable content today. It's called Godmaster, it's challenging as hell, and the game isn't 100 per cent clear about how to start it.

If you just want a nudge in the right direction: You'll find the new area hidden in the Royal Waterways near the central bench, though getting into Godmaster will require you to get a newly added (but familiar) item from outside the Colosseum Of Fools.

If you want detailed (but spoiler-free) instructions:

1) Go get yourself a brand new Simple Key. Since there were only three in the game before Godmaster, and if you've played Hollow Knight thoroughly you've probably used them all, you can now find a fourth in a new hidden area to the right of the Colosseum of Fools. Just go down into the pit where the bench is, head back up through the rightmost exit, and smash the right wall to find the new area.

2) Find the Junk Pits, which you can access through the Royal Waterways, just above the secret passage that leads to the Flukemarm.

It's this tunnel — just smash that wall in the top left.

3) Navigate the creepy tunnels and make your way to a sarcophagus, which will prompt you to use your Simple Key to unlock it. Pick up the new item and use your Dream Nail on the body, and you'll find yourself in Godhome, the main new area for Hollow Knight's new DLC.

From there, you'll be able to fight through the new boss gauntlets and challenge all of the old bosses to duels that get more and more difficult depending which modifiers you select. It's all a nightmare and I can't wait to keep playing.


    I'm 13 hours into this game and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I went from mildly disliking the game to being absolutely hooked, really enjoying my time with it and will likely rack up those hours pretty quick.

      I just can't get over how huge it seems to be. Everytime I think I'm running out of places to explore I jump down some tiny hole into some massive new zone.

      Amazing game.

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