GTA 5 World Record Speedrun Is A Gruelling, Fascinating 10 Hours

GTA 5 World Record Speedrun Is A Gruelling, Fascinating 10 Hours

Speedruns are all about completing a game quickly and the world record for 100 per centing Grand Theft Auto V is a breezy ten hours of skydiving, helicopter flying, bike racing and story missions. It’s a wonder to behold.

Clocking in at 10:15:44, ToriksLV’s world record 100 per cent speedrun is about completing all of the tasks of GTA V in as little time as possible. That means all of the collectables, missions and side tasks. Watching the run, doing all of this stuff in as time-efficient a manner as possible is a pretty astounding act of memorisation.

Remembering, for example, that a mission is close to a collectable spaceship part is probably easy. But routing all 50 ship parts and the scrap paper as well, produces this labyrinth of knowledge that ToriksLV simply affably chats his way through.

Sitting down to watch the video of the speedrun is a, well, marathon that takes ten hours, but even scrubbing through and watching 20 minute segments is a real masterclass in how to play through GTA V. ToriksLV never takes their foot off the gas, taking shortcuts by hopping up mountains or simply headshotting every single enemy in every story mission in the game (seriously, the gunplay is astonishing).

It’s just a joy to watch the execution of the basic mechanics at this level and seeing this massive, sprawling game ran through as quickly as possible is a real treat.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”10 Speedruns That Take Over 9 Hours To Finish” excerpt=”Speedrunners want to complete games or meet special conditions as fast as possible but some games are so massive that it can take days to get through them, even if you’re playing as quickly as possible.”]

I’ve got nothing but respect for runners who go the distance on these marathon games and in the last half hour of the run you can start to hear the stress in ToriksLV’s voice. Not getting the record at the end is a loss of hours and hours of your life. It’s an interesting additional stressor.

In any case, shoutouts to the people who are sitting down and practising these massive speedruns. You’ve got the fire in you.

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