Grand Theft Auto V? Ha! Here's GTA III Completed In Less Than 7 Hours

The news that GTA V will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined is impressive. It makes on think back to the vast expanses of GTA III, the game that pioneered huge open-world experiences.

People spent weeks on that game, trying to complete ever last side quest and find every package. In the vaults of the Speed Demos Archive, John "Silmaranza" Breedon shows off how he managed to do that feat in six-and-a-half hours. The whole thing took about a year to do but is impressive nonetheless. Who knows how long GTA V will be? It'll be a challenge for the speedrunners of the world, that's for sure.


    Ima gonna hook up my fat ps2 to play San Andreas again.

      HAHA Same.

      i have a way of making a shitload of cash, it involves save scrubbing, the house nearest the betting shop in los santos and putting all ur money on the highest odds horse. if horse loses, reload, if horse wins run back to house and save, rinse/repeat

    I've already reinstalled GTA IV + EFLC on my pc, modded it out with sweet skins and extras.. mm GTA goodness!

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