The Fortnite Android Beta Is Live Right Now

The Fortnite Android Beta Is Live Right Now
Image: Tegan Jones/Kotaku Australia

We knew that Fortnite was coming to Android. And one of the biggest rumours was that it would be debuting as a Galaxy Note9 exclusive.

Well, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney just made an appearance at Unpacked.

This news comes off the back of rumours and well as leaked Android gameplay footage over at XDA Developers.

Not only is the Fortnite Beta going to be available on Note9 and Tab S4 devices, it is ready to go on recent Samsung Galaxy devices right now — including the S9, S8, S7 and Tab S3 series. Those who purchase the Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4 will also get a special Galaxy-themed Fortnite outfit.

It isn’t available on the Play Store though. You’ll need to grab it from Samsung’s Game Launcher app or from Epic’s website.

Cross-play, as has been the case with Fortnite in the past, is enabled with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and the Nintendo Switch.

Image: Tegan Jones/Kotaku Australia

For other Android users, the initial rumour was that Samsung would have exclusivity for 30 days, but at Unpacked Tim Sweeney said in passing that the Beta would be available to Android users sometime this week. So stay tuned to see how that pans out.

For iOS users you can sign up for the Invite Event here.

The Fortnite Android Beta is available to Samsung users in Australia right now.

The author travelled to New York as a guest of Samsung.


    • It’s exclusive to Samsung phones which is stupid. Exclusive not just to a platform, but a specific part of the platform.

      XDA guys had it running on other phones before it was even released though, haha. If you are that way inclined you could check that out, or just play on another platform with decent controls.

      • Fair call, poor choice of words.

        “This doesn’t result in Fortnite on PS4 rejecting your Epic account when linked to Android, like what happened with the Switch, right?”

        I don’t recall the result of iOS linking, though I’m assuming it wasn’t an issue as there was no furore. Just making sure before I touch anything.

        • It’s in beta so no word yet probably. If you’ve already played on your PS4 you are fine. If Sony are pulling shenanigans the same again, it just won’t link on Android.

  • That was the Playstation. Switch players can play on PC, iOS, Xbox without any issues. Same with android.

    Edit – Meant to be a reply to @damian xD

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