The Newest Rick And Morty Teaser Promises An Absolutely Epic New Season

The Newest Rick And Morty Teaser Promises An Absolutely Epic New Season
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Even though Rick and Morty hasn’t been on-air in a distressingly long time, the creative team behind the show is hard at work on getting the upcoming episodes of the series ready.

If the newest teaser Adult Swim’s dropped is any indication, Rick and Morty’s triumphant return to our screens is going to be exactly as action-filled and epic as you’d expect. And, from the look of it, there might be a solid chunk of the show that’s rendered with some badarse anime aesthetics.

As tends to be the case with Rick and Morty’s cryptic messages, the teaser doesn’t really telegraph all that much about what we should expect from the upcoming season when it’s said to drop late next year. In the meantime, though, there are plenty of Rick and Morty comics to dive into if you’ve gotta get your fix.


    • I look at R&M T Shirts and wonder if sales have been affected… they’re a great way to telegraph that you’re an asshole.

  • …is going to be exactly as action-filled and epic as you’d expect
    Oh god I hope not, that’s about all the last season had to offer – excellent animation but flat writing, weak characterisation and disappointing jokes.

    I’m really hoping the return isn’t ‘triumphant’ or ‘epic’, at least not if that means more Pickle Rick or weak commentary on sci-fi tropes, I just want it to be clever and surprising again.

  • Can’t be worse than last season.

    1&2 I re-watched multiple times.

    Seemed like season 3 became “le epic maymay show”.

    We already have Adventure Time for that.

  • I liked some parts of S3 but Pickle Rick and going batshit over sauce, plus the other silly references ruined it for me.

    • Despite the hype and people constantly quoting “PICKLE RIIICK” – I thought the episode was a clever way of addressing ricks alcoholism in a way that has meaningful character development while still showing his reluctance to deal with the issue.

  • I didn’t hate Season 3, it had a few brilliant episodes, especially Tales from the Citadel. But it was batting around a 50 percent average. Seasons 1 and 2 were pretty damn good, but not perfect either. Season 3 actually suffered from being cut short, it still had 2 more episodes to go, but they never aired them. They’re being used as the first 2 for season 4. So there’s that at least, apparently that explains why we never saw Tammy and PhoenixPerson again…

    • I really liked Season 3. While I probably enjoyed the first two seasons more, I felt like the third actually dug into the characters a little more. Which is probably why a lot of people dislike them. No one wants to see Rick actually demonstrating that he has feelings for the family, or seeing Jerry as a real person with feelings. They just want shit blowing up and people being murdered in science-y ways.

      Honestly, if they don’t pick some sci-fi tropes and poke fun at them what are they going to do with the show?

  • You don’t know what waiting a long time for the next season is unless you’re a Venture Bros fan. Heck, we waited years for the second half of one of the seasons.

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