Rick And Morty Is Coming To Savage Captain Planet

Rick And Morty Is Coming To Savage Captain Planet
Image: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty‘s fifth season has already taken the piss out of Aquaman. So what happens when Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland take the piss out of Captain Planet and shitty puns?

That’s what the latest trailer for episode 3, titled A Rickconvenient Mort. The episode title’s based off An Inconvenient Truth, although the painfully obvious inspiration here comes in the form of the obvious Captain Planet and Verminous Skumm characters.

In the 30 second teaser, we see the rat-like creature Diesel Weasel facing off against the unnamed Captain Planet, who makes a pitch to the camera. It’s not sure what part Rick and Morty will actually play in the episode yet, since the acid rain is keeping them trapped in their spaceship.

A Rickconvenient Mort will air in Australia through Netflix on July 6. Rick & Morty episodes are still airing weekly for now, with the second episode having only just aired locally. If you’ve got a Netflix account, you can watch that here.


  • Mr Nimbus was far closer to Namor (the Marvel equivalent that has a much more complicated history) than Aquaman, unless they slotted in a couple of digs at Aquaman that I don’t remember.

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