New Star Wars Books And Comics Were Announced At NYCC

New Star Wars Books And Comics Were Announced At NYCC

Big reveals from New York Comic Con for fans of Star Wars on the printed page: a Darth Vader-focused comic miniseries from Chuck Wendig; Alphabet Squad, a new novel from Alexander Freed about “Rebel pilots hunting down Imperials;” and gorgeous cover art for the previously-announced Master & Apprentice by Claudia Grey.

Let’s go through them, one by one!

First up, that five-issue comic series from author Wendig, best-known to Star Wars fans for the Aftermath trilogy: Shadow of Vader.

Each issue of the Marvel miniseries will follow a different character or group (including, for one issue, the Acolytes of the Beyond, a weird group of Dark Side cultists who made a brief but very intriguing appearance in Wendig’s Aftermath series), and reflect on how encounters with the titular Dark Lord of the Sith affected their lives.

Then, the new novel. This is not the final cover and of course, and plot details are still somewhat scarce, but it’s an intriguing premise:

According to the panel, Alphabet Squadron (named because, of course, each pilot flies one of Star Wars iconic letter-designated starfighters) will be set in the early days of the New Republic era after Return of the Jedi, as five pilots form a group to hunt down rogue Imperial elements.

It’s a time period we still don’t know a lot about, and exploring it through the lens of hardened pilots chasing down Imperial extremists sounds fascinating.

Finally, Alice X. Zhang’s stunning cover art for Claudia Grey’s previously announced Master & Apprentice novel, the subject matter of which should be fairly obvious. It’s out in April 2019:

Bonus shot of “right cosplay, right time.”

We’ll bring you more on these new titles — especially those Vader comics — as we learn more about them.


    • It’s an opinion that is growing as people have had time to reflect on the last 2 trash fires that they call movies.
      They are beginning to make some of the old non-cannon books look good.

    • Nah I think you’d be surprised how much people agree with you.

      What did you think of solo movie though?

      • I felt it took a little of the mystery out of some of the characters.

        Some interesting design choices, I also thought they were going to finally do a movie without a light saber in it but in pops Maul.

        Oddly I think having Maul there helped give an illusion that the universe is bigger and may provide the cannon to expand further. I am curious where Mauls timeline fits into the corny Rebels timeline.

        It also felt very fast paced in places, I swear that jumped to 5 locals in 15mins at points which made it feel disengaging. Definitely rate it higher than TLJ though.

  • Alphabet Squadron, if they use that designation in the book then I’m going to get a migraine.

      • My problem is the whole Aurebesh thing, y’know, the alphabet made for the universe.

        That on top of the fact that in universe these ships have actual names and I’m pretty sure aren’t referred to by their letters.

        • These are the same people that greenlit Wendig’s unreadable tosh though, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

      • Looking up the wiki has the letter designations in the names so I suppose I should probably go back to just yelling in my basement…

  • Wendig’s writing the Vader stuff? Yeah, no thanks. The guy on Twitter seems like a raving lunatic, whinging about who knows what instead of actually talking about his job or anything interesting. If he’s writing it, you couldn’t pay me to read it.

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