Now This Is Retro Love

Bought a mini console lately? This is the one you really want.

Described as a "delicate homage" to Nintendo and reported earlier by The Verge, the Pyua is the brainchild of Swedish designer Love Hulten.

It's not Hulten's first retro creation. He's the designer responsible for the wall-mounted Originx arcade unit, and the wooden R-Kaid-R folding console which popped up on the Tonight Show a couple of years ago:

The Pyua starts with Seattle-based firm Analogue supplying the internals: an nt mini PCB, which is capable of playing more than 2000 NES-era games. The exterior is made of ash wood, finished off in the classic white and red NES colours, while Hulten created an additional wooden casing that stores 20 cartridges.

Image: Love Hulten

The unit, which Hulten isn't making available for sale just yet, comes with two 8bitdo NES controllers. And as can be seen, the whole thing has a glass dome to cover the top.

Image: Love Hulten
Image: Love Hulten

There's a nice little light that illuminates the bottom of your NES cartridges when you turn it on, which you can see in the video below.

To ogle at Hulten's designs some more, head here.


    Ash wood? So... mountain ash, victorian ash, white ash, etc, etc. There's about 1000 varieties of ash. Just saying wood would have worked.
    But it also seems kind of pointless using a hardwood and then painting it.

    I mean you could also just get a Rpi Zero + controller and have the same experience with 99.93% less clutter for less than maybe $60?

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