Wait, There's A Ghost Ship In The Witcher 3?

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The Witcher 3 is a big game, so big that even three years later it can still surprise us.

The series’ official Twitter account posted this earlier today:

And not a single one of us—that’s thousands of combined hours in the game—had ever seen the thing.

Throw in the fact loads of players never see a whale either and you’ve got to wonder what else is hiding under the game’s deep, dark depths. And I specifically mean you’ve got to wonder, I’m not going anywhere.

Note that the ghost ship isn’t new; some players have obviously found it previously (the pic tweeted above is from this 2015 Reddit post), but it just never blew up—or was never found in wide enough numbers—to be something that everybody knew about.

Do now!

If you want to track it down, here’s a video showing where it pops up:


    I still haven’t made it past the first tavern. Need to get used to the weird weightless character movement and strange camera.
    I seem to be the only person who didn’t play it to death.

      You genuinely are missing out on one of the best RPGs ever released.

        I've tried to like the game. I forced myself to play it, because everyone always said 'it's the best game ever!!!!".

        I'm still waiting.

        Same with Red Dead. Some of the most boring games I've ever played. Just not my jam I guess.

          i'll agree with RDR.
          I thought, wow, RDR2 is coming out, looks great - I should get around to playing RDR before it drops.

          Went and bought it for Xbone backward compatible, fired it up and...
          what the fuck? 68% complete? half the achievements...

          Apparently I put around 100 hours into it back in 2011 or 2012.
          I have no recollection of this, genuinely none.
          Don't recall the story, don't recall... what I can't recall.

          I smoked some bongs back then, but not enough to erase it from my memory - I think.

      I was in the same boat for a bit. Once I got used to it, I couldn't stop playing. Definitely a game worth playing to death.

      I agree the movement could be better, but I think it's basically fine and comparable to most other 3rd person games after they patched it shortly after launch although... given your specific complaint you might try the alternate movement response in control settings - when the game first came out most players found the movement too weighty and unresponsive so they patched it.

      As for the camera I dunno what you mean at all, seems to function basically exactly the same as any other modern 3rd person game.

      I finished it and loved the first act to death, the game becomes repetitive and dull for the next 50 hours though until the ending which again picked up and was enjoyable. Overall I think the game is highly overrated.

        That's strange.. I actually considered it one of the least repetitive RPGs I had played, because of the many well thought out side quests (e.g. Bloody Baron).

          Yeah, enjoy. I don't recall act 2 bringing anything new, it was all just reskinned.

      I've logged 250 hours on PC so far (finished the main story, Hearts of Stone & still playing Blood & Wine DLC). Only started playing it this year & started at Witcher 2.

      Anyway, there is two movement mode options, not sure if that addresses your issue - I never noticed anything odd about movement or camera from the get go.

      Last edited 19/10/18 11:42 pm

    Something to go find during my 2nd play through.

    I find it weird that many players have never seen the (weird and glitchy) whales. If I'm boating around Skellige it seems like one shows up every hour or two.

    Then again I refuse to use fast travel and am currently near the end of my third playthrough, so I've probably spent a lot more time steering a boat in deep water than the average player.

      Yeah same, the whales are pretty common, I find it very odd that players haven't seen them, unless they just did not do any exploring at all. The whales are indeed glitchy too, I dived down into the water to get a closer look at one once and it was just frozen in place, unmoving. They even sometimes froze when breaching too.

      Do you mean where they rise up then freeze? IIRC, the animation is tied to how close to them you are, so if you're sailing away from them, they appear then stop - if you sail back toward them then the animation completes.

    Hang on, there's boats in the Witcher 3?

    I have never even played it after thinking the first 1 was one of the worst games I ever played. Hated the combat and stances that I returned it the next day. I love big RPGs like skyrim/fallout etc. so it's a shame I'll never try this.

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