UFC Fighter Uses Summoning Jutsu in Match

UFC Fighter Uses Summoning Jutsu in Match
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The world of UFC fighting has a new hero for anime nerds to root for – Israel Adesanya, and avid Avatar: The Last Airbender and Naruto fan. His passion for fighting and anime has earned him the nickname ‘The Style Bender’ both in and out of the ring.

Over the weekend Adesanya went up against veteran Derek Brunson. Israel made his first debut in UFC back in February and since then has been undefeated in the ring. During the match The Style Bender showcased his superior abilities as a former Kickboxing world champion and even took the time to add some flourishes to the fight.

Adesanya took the opportunity during the match to give a shout out to his hero Naruto by performing the signs for a summoning jutsu between rounds. The video of his summoning jutsu has gotten a lot of traction on twitter and even fans who don’t watch UFC are getting behind the fighter.

More and more professional sports players are openly admitting to liking nerdy things – including anime. Michael B Jordan has gone on the record as a fan of anime and Israel Adesanya is no exception.

He even has a Naruto tattoo. It’s a little hard to see here, but it is the seal on Naruto’s stomach for the Nine Tails around his belly button. His dedication to his heroes influenced his fighting style and techniques, motivating him to keep fighting in the ring.

He also has a Deadpool tattoo and other various nerdy references inked onto his body.

His twitter is full of anime and Naruto references, including his header image of the second Hokage Tobirama Senju. Most of his tweets are pretty on point too, with his laid back attitude and down to earth lifestyle Israel is a pretty cool guy.

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