Japan Getting Kingdom Hearts Themed Hotel Rooms 

Starting this March, the Disney Ambassador Hotel at the Tokyo Disney Resort is rolling out special Kingdom Hearts themed rooms. And yes, you can open the door with a Keyblade shaped key.

The rooms are limited to three adults and come with two regular sized beds and one trundle bed. Prices are from 46,100 yen ($588) a night.

The Keyblade room key comes in a special box, and guests are given two sets that they can take home after their stay. The hotel is also giving Kingdom Hearts postcards to take home.

As Fashion Press reports, it’s possible to reserve a Kingdom Hearts room from January 30. The rooms will be available until June 23. I called the hotel to find out how many KH rooms there are, but they politely declined to say. However, I was told that they will have multiple rooms ready for guests.


    and here I am staying in a regular hotel there in may, instead of an incredibly overpriced regular room with KH art spread around it

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