Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060: Australian Price And Release Date

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060: Australian Price And Release Date

Nvidia spent the entirety of their CES keynote last night focusing on gaming – and one of the cornerstones was the expansion of their RTX line of Turing GPUs with the more affordable RTX 2060.

The card, which has a performance that is pitched as being comparable if not slightly better than the GTX 1070 Ti, will sell from $599 for the Founder’s Edition locally. It’ll be available from January 15, with the FE cards coming with a choice of either Battlefield 5 or Anthem, both of which games use different aspects of real-time ray tracing.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060: Australian Price And Release DateImage: Nvidia
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
CUDA Cores 1920
Boost Clock 1680MHz
Base Clock 1365MHz
Memory Speed 14GBps
Mem. Interface 192-bit
Mem. Bandwidth 336 GB/s
Max. resolution 7680×4320
Dimensions 112.6mm x 228.6mm x 2 slot
TDP 160W
Recommended PSU 500W
Power Connector 1x 8-pin


The price makes the RTX 2060 around $100 cheaper than the GTX 1070 Ti, although the latter card is discontinued and stock is becoming increasingly sparse. AIB versions of the RTX 2070 are currently available from $729 locally, although the majority of retailers are selling known brands from around $770 to $800.

For reference: the RTX 2080 will set you back at least $1100 in Australia, while the 11GB RTX 2080 Ti is still priced at the $1899 mark with some retailers charging closer to $2000.

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Note: All price searches were conducted at the time of writing using StaticICE, an Australian aggregator for computer retailers and component retailers.


  • This entire generation of cards is very underwhelming. They marketed as being a great leap forward but it’s just not. Especially when you factor the price in.

    I have a gt 1080 that I paid $900 for about 4 months after launch. I’d be crazy to upgrade. It’s the same amount of money to buy a new generation card, a 2070, which runs at the same performance level, with only a few extra features that actually cripple performance!

    I guess good for them. They’ve found a way to charge more money for less real world benefit. It’s good business practise but it sucks for people like me. I actually like hardware. I also edit video so I need good gear but they’re asking too much for almost no real world benefits.

    I’ll be sitting the 2080 generation out unless (please no) my card dies or the prices drop down by half. There’s just no reason to buy these cards at this price point imo.

    Edited because I got sick of people thinking I wanted to upgrade my 1080 to a 2060.

    • This is a 60 model, it’s two full tiers below the 1080. The 980 was faster than the 1060 as well. This card isn’t on your upgrade path, the 2080 would be, which sits around +40% over the 1080.

      • I know dude. but the 2070 is equivalent performance at guess what? about $900. I’d pay the same amount that I did over a year ago for the same level of performance. Sorry, I guess I should have phrased it better. I was referring to the entire generation, not just this model of card. I thought that’d be obvious.

        • but those that pay silly money for a small increase in performance and a massive increase in e-penis confidence is exactly the market nVidia have aimed for with the xx90 series of cards.

    • Who goes from a 1080 to a 2060? I’m using 980ti and I won’t even consider anything below XX80 for any upgrade.

      • Indeed. That’s insane to do otherwise. I went 970 to 1070, chose not to go 1080 as it was another 400 or so at the time, but now, my next will definitely be the 2080, that’s a huge step up for me. But at that point, it’ll set a sort of ‘standard’ I won’t want to step down from.

      • Its because the higher up cards have gotten retardedly expensive with little benefit (or none). No doubt RTX will be a big thing in a generation or two when it doesn’t have to cost us an arm and a leg (7nm, smaller die sizes etc), but for now its just made it stupid for most people to upgrade for the next year.
        This is almost as costly as you have been able to get GTX 1080s so thats makes his comparison at least somewhat fair. I got my GTX 1080 for $650 a bit over a year and a half ago and this card has worse performance and costs almost as much. So basically the progress of the last 2 and a bit years is slightly better reflections that annihilate your framerate, woohoo!

        • again.. THIS card is a 2060 – two models and 50% slower than a 2080.. which is what a 1080 owner would be looking at upgrading to.. or maybe a 2070.

          I have a gtx 1060 – *I* would be looking to upgrade to a 2060 as 1) it’s within my budget and 2) it gives significant performance over my existing 1060 – even across older games at 1080p – which is the resolution I game at – wow, because I have a GTX 1060 and older components!.

      • I was referring to the entire generation. Sorry, should’ve phrased it better but I never thought anyone would think I was referring to upgrading to a 2060. I’d have to go 2070 for the equivalent performance to what I have, which would cost the same as my 1080 did when I bought it. Ergo, there is no incentive to upgrade as I’m not gaining any performance for my money. It doesn’t make sense.

        • Well as a 1080 owner almost everyone would expect you to be looking at the 2080 as an upgrade. There arent always significant performance jumps every generation of GPU. My personal upgrade plans have been if there is at least a 30% performance upgrade then I’ll save and upgrade my existing GPU.

  • lets hope AMD can offer some good GPUs, otherwise the prices will get crazier every year. the crypto boom is over but it doesnt seems like the GPU makers want to go back to normal prices.

    • My thoughts exactly. Obviously consumer demand is still high enough for them to be comfortable. Let’s see how it plays out. I was looking at a new build in a few months so am watching the pricing with keen interest.

    • Yeah you nailed it there man. I’m not buying any more nvidia cards, their monopoly is bad for all of us. But, team red has to come up with something of comparable performance or I will continue to abstain from pc gaming. My Nintendo Switch is receivingmost of my gaming budget in the past 2 years, I need to upgrade my pc but until GPUs become affordable again its not happening. Why the heck would anyone pay the same for a gpu as the total of all other parts of the pc? Its absurd!

  • About $100 more than it should be locally.

    2070s can sometimes go for as low 700-750; avoid this if you have to pay more than $500.

    • yeah.. better to wait a month or two for the third party cards with better cooling and by then more competitive pricing.

  • Im going to buy an AMD alternative regardless of what nvidia does now. Whatever AMD brings out is going to be better than the 1050 stopgap card I had to buy to replace my GTX580.

    Nvidia can take a run and jump. The ray tracing supposed ‘value-adding’ price gouging has lost me permanently. Im not paying extra for crap I dont want or need.

    The mining demand spike isn’t their fault, but their profit maximisation at all costs might have been good practice for their shareholders short-term, but long term they have blown a hole through their own foot. Best of luck.

    • I just came here because i had notifications about 2 replies to a post i made here. It seems all the posts that were made soon after the article was posted have been nuked.

        • Yeah it is a bit weird. mine was just replying to people talking about the value. The exact discussion you do for any new card

        • Was your comment a reply to someone else? If it was and their comment was deleted or edited (which puts it in moderation), the whole chain beneath it vanishes too. The latter in particular happens a lot.

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