Playstation Now Will Soon Be Available In More Countries That Aren't Australia

Playstation Now is a service that lets people stream Playstation 2, 3 and 4 games to their PS4 or PC. It's about to become available in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

Geography isn't my strong suit but I'm confident that none of those countries are Australia. Dang.

In early February, Playstation users from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden will join the ever-growing list of people that have access to Playstation Now and the over 600 Playstation titles available to stream through the service.

A Reminder That Sony's Best Service Still Isn't Available In Australia

As publishers and platform holders push more towards cloud services, the prominence of subscription-based models take more prominence. Australians have access to a few already, and they're not bad deals. Xbox Game Pass is often better than buying a game outright, and EA's model is better value than it first appears.

But the most successful model amongst all the publishers belongs to Sony. Small problem: it's still not available in Australia.

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Australian internet is far from the best in the world. Still, it'd be nice if we were in consideration for access to this service, especially as games don't have to be streamed but can just be downloaded prior to play on Playstation 4. Depending on how awful your internet is, that may take a day or three.

It'd also just be nice to be able to play PS4 games on PC.

Oh well. Maybe we'll make the cut next time.

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    Dear Sony,

    Regardless of the state of Australian Internet, as long as you continue to not offer this service, you have a heavily reduced right to complain about piracy of any of your games and/or media in this region. Period.

    An Informed Australian.

      Yeah they really dont give a shit about Australia hey.

        It's the same old story.

        Even if we have the best Internet known (just pretend with me for a moment), I still doubt they would offer the service.

        Like others, if Sony can't take advantage of the "Australia Tax" and have a long comfortable ride on the gravy train associated with it, they are less inclined.

      Look, I'm just as annoyed about this as the next Australian but firstly it is the Government's fault as much, if not more, than it is Sony's.
      Secondly - 'We don't get access to your services so that gives me the right to steal your products.' What kind of whack logic is that? Am I misinterpreting this? If so, I take it back with all apologies.

      Last edited 25/01/19 9:51 am

        firstly it is the Government's fault as much, if not more, than it is Sony's.


        If Sony's motivation is our poor infrastructure then it is a strong case against successive parties.

        In terms of price, that is an effect of the open market. If one wants the price of goods to be consistent and standardised, then the government has to have more regulations than it has now to cover the unit price of goods and services.

        In effect, this will require the market having to be closed in nature.

        'We don't get access to your services so that gives me the right to steal your products.' What kind of whack logic is that?

        That is your logic, not mine. Piracy is not stealing, period. Don't start.

        If there is poor availability of a product or service, people will try and find alternatives before restoring to piracy.

        However, companies in the same sector as Sony will complain about piracy yet at the same time are also the one creating the conditions that motivate said piracy.

        Regardless, this tangent is pretty much obsolete now. @drsleepless is pointing out Sony's own plans on our shores.

        Sony just needs to remember that even if they set up the service locally, they will find many will resort to a VPN, etc., to use over seas services if the prices is unfair.

        Just look at Amazon when it decided the 10% GST was not worth collecting. Amazon eventually relented as no amount of coupons was ever going to get Australian's to the local Amazon site.

        Secondly - 'We don't get access to your services so that gives me the right to steal your products.' What kind of whack logic is that?

        If there are no legitimate ways for consumers in a certain geography to purchase their products, then there is no loss to them if they are pirated by the same people.

        but firstly it is the Government's fault as much, if not more, than it is Sony's.
        No, it isn't - it's entirely Sony's choice not to deploy services here. You're thinking about residential NBN use, which Sony doesn't give a shit about - they don't care whether or not you personally can actually use the service, only if enough people in aggregate can use it. They can easily deploy local services if they want to - and apparently they want to, but the market has to be there for them to want to do that.

        The NBN is a mess but it won't be the deciding factor for why Sony hasn't deployed PS Now here. They deploy it in places like the US because there's a massive customer base to take advantage of it. They deploy it in places like the EU because nations are clustered closer together such that services are easier to deploy across multiple locations. They probably haven't deployed it here because there's comparatively fewer customers, and they're spread out predominately in major population centres with significant distances between them.

    I would normally just have rationalised this away as “oh well we’re a small market” but .... Finland? C’mon Sony.
    (PS love Finland)

      It's weird. Compared to many other small populations, Australians spend a lot on games, too. At generally higher (for no reason - certainly not tax) prices. We're a pretty valuable market.

        It's just server location. Finland gets the benefit of having a server hosted somewhere in Europe. Australia/ new Zealand need a dedicated one

    Aussie net is not good enough for video game streaming anyway.

      It might be with local data centres - it's latency that kills it. We'd probably need better upload speeds though.

    My copper is pushing 85/33 Mbit atm, could do it, when NBN first became available 2 yrs ago I was getting 96/37, but copper degrades fast. I expect in another 2 years I'll be down to the low 70s for downward speed...

    Gotta love copper....

    Last edited 26/01/19 9:31 am

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