Toei Offers Refunds After Censoring Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray In Japan

Image: Nappasan

Last month, it was discovered that the Blu-ray release of Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly was censored. Now in Japan, Toei is apologising and offering customers a refund.

Below are the edits made to Dragon Ball the Movies Blu-ray #6 disc release. You can see the original version, which included characters flipping the bird, and how the scenes were altered for the Blu-ray. Previously, Twitter user Nappasan pointed out the differences in detail.

Image: Toei
Image: Toei
Image: Toei

Toei explained that the scenes were changed as not to negatively influence children.

The thing is, the Blu-ray’s jacket said this was not edited. Specifically, it stated that even though there were scenes and dialogue that would now be considered inappropriate, this was a compilation of the original work, which was of historical importance.

Toei apologised for the confusion and is offering refunds for customers in Japan.


    That's interesting, was there mass outrage about this? It's a pretty good move from them to do this straight up instead of bullshitting like other companies have *cough* Bethesda *cough*

      Japan has very strong consumer protection laws, so they don't really have any other choice but to offer refunds.

    So when they censor in Japan they offer refunds and apologize.

    But when they censor anime in western markets its basically just "Tough luck get over it"

    They should be refunded for actually watching the movie - it was soooo bad.
    Stick with the first broly movie or the new version.

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