Who Wore It Better?

Who Wore It Better?

Who wore it better? 2013’s The Last Of Us (left), or 2018’s Some Movie Streaming On Netflix (right)?

Thanks robtrench for the tip!


  • From a graphic design perspective, the foreground and background characters, with a framing device at an angle are pretty standard tropes.

    I get the similarities here, but I personally doubt that anything close to plagiarism has occurred.

    For other examples, see something like this Maze Runner poster

    Or the movie poster from Escape from New York that massively predates The Last of Us

    • Some standard tropes in the composition sure, but have to disagree with you on “anything close to plagiarism”. Everything close to plagiarism. Take out the lighting and the buildings…
      The over the shoulder, the holding of the gun, the reeds, the water, the spacing and scale is almost 1:1. Even an incredibly similar typeface.
      Would love to see layer0.

    • Good points and I was wondering whether they were all essentially copying earlier art. I will however say that it’s not just the framing but the positioning and number of characters that makes it such a ripoff/homage.

    • Further to that, I have been to plenty of design meetings where the client keeps holding up the ‘example poster’ that ‘captures the feel’, and won’t sign off on the job until it is basically a rip off, even if you tried your darndest to sway them away. Sometimes, you just gotta say, “F@ck it. I want to get paid”.

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