Arya Appears (Barely) In The Latest Game Of Thrones Teaser

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

Winter is so very, very close. And while we're not in the full Game of Thrones promo cycle yet, HBO did stoke the fires a little this morning with a shot of Arya on the battlefield.

The snippet was part of a reel put out by HBO on Twitter, showcasing the network's lineup of shows over the rest of the year. Naturally, Game of Thrones got a roll, with a few seconds (literally, we're talking seconds) of Arya looking doe-eyed on the battlefield, watching a dragon fly past.

Obviously, we don't know which battle the shot is taken from. But there are a few things that seem prominent. Firstly, the army is marching past Arya, in the same direction the dragon is flying. And unlike literally every other time GoT has thrown a dragon onto the battlefield, the army underneath isn't shitting itself or hiding under some flimsy piece of wood.

So it's probably safe to assume here that the dragon in question is fighting with Arya's army. That'd make it likely that this is a fight up north, perhaps the final fight of the season or at least the final stand against the Whitewalkers. The rest of the battlefield is gloomy and overcast, matching the general palette HBO has used for The Wall and everything north of The Wall, so the fight's obviously not taking place around King's Landing.

We'll get an actual trailer whenever HBO feels like releasing it, which probably won't be today. But who knows! Either way, we're only a couple of months away from finding out how this all ends. Which is a relief, really, because at this rate we're never getting closure from the books.


    I feel so sorry for people who read the books. All that effort and waiting around since the 90's for spoilers with high production values before the remaining volumes are even written.
    It'd be like if a Kingdom Hearts anime came out a decade ago, hitting on and resolving the major plot points of KHIII. (That's probably a bad example as KH's plot is more of a side-effect of the concept of the series and doesn't actually have anything meaningful going on behind it despite all the talk of hearts, friendship, and shit like that).

      Kinda but not really. The show is pretty much a different story at this point with the amount of huge changes they've made along the way. The overall winners/losers will likely be the same but how they get there and what happens to everyone in-between would be different.

      It'd be like a Star Wars adaptation where Luke got bored fighting half-way through so he went back to farming while Han became a Jedi and beat Vader instead - yeah Vader might still turn good at toss the Emporer but that hardly makes it the same ending overall.

      For what it's worth though, I doubt GRRM will ever finish the books at this point anyway so I've given up on that story as much as I enjoyed it :/

      I've been fighting the good fight. Haven't watched the show since Season 5. If GRRM ends up finishing the series of books, I'll be the richer for having abstained (is what I tell myself).

        Dude, I personally admire that. In the long run, you'll have the show to look forward to again post release. I'm assuming it'll age well (it's not like it has a very contemporary Trump-administration analogy hidden into it in order to make it 'woke' or whatevs). I've only read the first three books and I'm happy to stop there for the time being (my brain got muddled between characterisations and the possibility of a certain male Targaryan) so I, like most peeps, are doing the inversion of what you are (not that GRRM gives us much of a choice).

          Yeah, not getting my hopes up. GRRM is easily distracted and has had his ego stroked by producers, so I think his editor is not getting much traction. My money's still on him dying before the series is finished, i.e. doing a Jordan.

            Pretty sure GRRM has said somewhere that if he does bother getting around to finishing it, it wont resemble the show at all. Which will be deliberate. But I wouldn't get my hopes up either, thanks to the incredible success of the show I think he'd achieved everything he wanted from it now.

              Yeah, and if he got writer's block (which he's renowned for getting) how easy would it be for him to just grab the show's script and copy/paste?

    Calling that a GoT teaser is a bit of a lie.

    I haven't watched since Season 3 just hoping and hoping the next book would eventually land. feels like its not going to happen at this point though. might just cave and binge watch everything once the new season lands.

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