Japan Now Has Chocolate Ramen

Screenshot: Kourakuen

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, ramen chain Kourakuen is serving up “chocolate ramen” for a limited time only.

According to NariNari, the chocolate ramen is made with a shoyu (soy sauce) ramen base, but added cacao oil and an added chocolate bar. It looks tasty! Twitter users report that chocolate ramen is unexpectedly good.

According to Get News, the chocolate ramen’s broth smells like, wait for it, chocolate. The initial flavour impression is shoyu ramen.

After that, the site continues, the cacao oil kicks in. The hot soup melts the chocolate bar, giving the shoyu broth a milky chocolate flavour.

The ginger topping gives the savoury sweet ramen a refreshing accent.

The chocolate ramen is available until February 14.


    I know chocolate has been used in beef based dishes in Italian and French cuisine, and salty chocolate desserts are great, but the idea of chocolate slowly melting into in a standard shoyu ramen makes me feel ill.

    i think this is the dish you buy a lady if you want to end the relationship.

    Should be called lets get divorced ramen

    Gah... i can't think of anything more foul.

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