Temporal Anomaly Is A Star Trek Fan Film Half A Decade In The Making

Soaring through space. (Image: Power543 Fan Films/Screencap via YouTube)

First conceived and pitched to Kickstarter backers in 2013, Temporal Anomaly is an ambitious fan project set in the Star Trek universe, a nearly hour-long fan film created by Power543 Fan Films.

Set at a nexus in time, colliding the past and future of Star Trek, this ambitious production makes use of the same special effects software used to create the imagery for Voyager, Enterprise, and Deep Space Nine. Whether or not this fan film works for you, it’s still a dang impressive feat.

The first and second parts are both available on YouTube — the first is above, and you can find the second here.

All told, that’s a lot of Trek, such a substantial amount, in fact, that it required a special dispensation from CBS to let it get around certain guidelines the company has set up for fan films. And with designs and character types drawn from all eras of the series, it’s dripping in fan service. Check it out.


    Wow... I'm surprised Paramount didn't airdrop their lawyers in to shut this down with extreme prejudice the way they did with Axanar. Also, given their new draconian policies that resulted from the Axanar fiasco, this will surely violate Paramount's 15 minute total run time too. Unless these rules only apply to Axanar (as many of us suspect), given that Paramount hasn't made a peep about 'ST Continues'...

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