Battlefield 5 Battle Royal Mode Video Leaked Online

Battlefield 5 Battle Royal Mode Video Leaked Online

The year long silence has been broken with a tutorial video being leaked online.

Either someone sat on a keyboard at Dice or an intern is definitely getting fire today after a tutorial video for the upcoming battle royal mode Firestorm in Battlefield 5 turned up online.

Initially announced back in May 2018, developer Dice has been holding everything about the battle royal mode close to their chest. This all changed when information started to turn up on Reddit thanks to a user called ‘temporyal’ digging data mining the Battlefield 5 game files and striking gold.

They discovered an abundance of information on the new game mode, including some flavor text about Firestorm:

“Do whatever it takes to survive. Compete solo or in a team to be the last one standing in a vast and dangerous world. Scavenge for supplies, outrun the Firestorm, and fight your way to victory.”

This was then followed up by another Reddit user ‘obvthrowaway34’ who posted the tutorial video for Firestorm on the subreddit for Battlefield 5.

From this early trailer we now know a few things about Firestorm; like how much it follows the traditional battle royal route and where it differs. Firestorm seems to be following the other battle royal formulas with players dropping into a map and searching for weapons of various rarity and fighting off other players.

Item caches, safes and vehicles are all included in Firestorm, with players able to find blueprints for helicopters and tanks. Along with these new inclusions, players will also be able to call in artillery strikes and shoot rockets – like in regular multiplayer games.

Dice seem to have taken out the class based abilities at this point, but based on how significantly Apex has started to dominate the genre there is a change they may rethink this move.


    • I can’t imagine who the audience is now. Any Fornite/PUBG/Blackout players who could be tempted away from those games has probably transitioned to Apex. And I can’t imagine many Apex players would jump ship now. Maybe a tiny slice of Battlefield players who want to try a battle royale that haven’t tried the others?

      • Yeah I’m hoping the unique things it’s got going on (destructible environments esp.) will make it interesting enough to warrant people checking it out. It’s not free though – pretty big problem when they’re trying to compete with fortnite/apex.

      • I play PUBG, Fortnite and Apex, but PUBG is my favourite. I’m actually quite looking forward to Firestorm.

        Fortnite is so different to PUBG it might as well be a whole separate genre. And while Apex ticks some similar boxes, the movement is completely different. Being spotted in either game isn’t really a big deal, whereas in PUBG it’s massive. I think Firestorm could have some of the best parts of PUBG (tactical movement, vulnerability, vehicles) with the Battlefield polish, destructibility, etc.

    • The bigger issue with this is “solo, due, four-person squad.”

      They should launch with four-person first. It’s a competitive marketplace, we just got a killed battle royale which is free. You don’t want to be fragmenting players on day one.

  • There’s a whole lot of stuff in there that’s new – probably explains why the other new modes have been so lacklustre. I’m guessing Dice have pulled the bulk of their people over to firestorm so they get it right/don’t have to delay it again. So, tentatively hopeful that the other modes will get the love they need soon(ish). If it takes 6-12 months though I won’t be at all surprised.

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