Looks Like Octopath Traveller Is Heading To PC Soon

Another week goes by, and another game port has been leaked by a video game ratings board. This time, for a game which has until now been a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

The rating, which was spotted on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea website but has since been deleted, was for a PC port of Switch exclusive JRPG Octopath Traveller. The below image was captured by Resetera user Rodjer before the listing was taken down.

The game features an eye-catching art style, where 2D sprites are placed in 3D space, and surrounded by HD graphical effects, and follows eight different interwoven storylines, and playable characters with unique abilities.

While nothing is confirmed fully until a game is formally announced, a ratings board listing requires a company to pay for a rating, and provide evidence of a content complete product. As a result, a ratings board listing generally means that a game exists, and is in a finished enough state that it could theoretically release on short notice.

Important to note, there is a mobile prequel to Octopath Traveller in development currently, but it is named Champion of the Continent, and as such is unlikely to be the subject of this rating.

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    Wow, almost makes you wonder why console games haven't been released on PC in general.

      It costs time and money.

      Releasing a console game on PC isn't just a simple button push and "bam" its done.

    Would love to see what this game would look like on PC in glorious 4K.

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