Nepal Bans PUBG

Nepal Bans PUBG

Only a few weeks after a state in neighbouring India banned kids from playing the game (a ban that’s since been lifted), the entire country of Nepal has outlawed PUBG.

The Kathmandu Post (via PC Gamer) reports that last week the Nepal Telecommunication Authority “directed all the internet service providers and mobile service providers to ban PlayerUnknown’s Battleground”.

Senior Superintendent of Police Dhiraj Pratap Singh told the Post that the ban comes after they “received a number of complaints from parents, schools and school associations regarding the effect of the game on children. We also held discussions with psychiatrists before requesting the Kathmandu District Court for permission to ban the game.”

Singh says that anyone caught playing the game will be arrested, while any internet service providers or mobile phone networks failing to implement the ban “will also face action”.


  • As ridiculous as it is, if they’re going to start banning PUBG because of the “negative effects it has on children” surely they should be going after games like APEX and Fortnite which actually have large populations of kids playing. I’m really unsure why all these countries are picking on PUBG which is dead compared to the other options in the genre.

    • PUBG which is dead compared to the other options in the genre
      I can’t speak of PUBG on PC but I can say that PUBG Mobile is most certainly huge and far from dead.

  • But in all seriousness do many people still play plunkbat? I mean there are so many FREE alternatives that offer a much better experience around.
    Arresting people for aging a video game is waaay over the top dystopian future rubbish I hoped would never happen though.

    • I’ve never stopped and still finding games in OC on Xbox. Tried all the other BR’s and nothing compares, perhaps you should give it another go there’s allot of other streamers coming back.

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