A Player Recreated The Iron Man Vs. Captain America Fight Scene In Dreams

Gif: Tamir Williams/Genesis Project, YouTube

The early access Dreams Creator has been out for a few weeks and that seems to have been enough time to let players start creating some really cool stuff. For example, a wonderful recreation of the famous fight scene from Captain America: Civil War.

The animation work was handled by the Dreams player Tamir Williams, who says on Twitter it took him around 12 hours to animate this scene.

Williams also credited other Dreams players who made different parts of the scene, like the shield or mountains in the background.

This is a good example of how Dreams being so collaborative might help make it easier for more people to create things without, for example, needing to model every character themselves.

A full video recording of the fight was uploaded to the Project Genesis YouTube channel, which is a channel dedicated to cataloguing and covering Dreams creations.


    Only 12 hours to animate that??? That's bloody incredible :O

    Was really cool.. Right up to the part where the commentary started.

    But still makes me jealous about what people can make in dreams while I work on my "button makes bridge drop", level.

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