A Very Silly Flowchart For Picking Your Next D&D Race

Illustration: Wizards of the Coast

Old habits die hard. That still doesn’t mean you should play a half-elf every single time you play Dungeons & Dragons. It’s times like these that we need people like Redditor Domogrue to expand our horizons.

“Stayed up until 3am making my definitive ‘What Race Should I Play’ flowchart,” wrote Domogrue very early this morning. It’s a very silly flowchart that, regrettably, has informed me that I should play a boring human. Harumph.

Let us know what you got in the comments. (via Reddit)


    It's missing a question right at the start of it all. "Do you want to attempt a Scottish accent?" Yes? -> Dwarf.

    if i'm just going around in some kind of 14 sided circle laughing my ass off am i doing it wrong?

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