Nintendo Will Add Friend Matching To Mario Maker 2 Online Play

Last month we reported that Super Mario Maker 2 would not allow players to matchmake with friends for online play. The news did not go over well. Now it’s going to reverse course with an update.

Speaking during today’s Treehouse Live presentation at E3 2019, the game’s producer Takashi Tezuka said that its developers now plan to add “matching with friends” in a future update to the game that the team is currently working on. Super Mario Maker 2 launches on June 28.

Nintendo confirmed the news on Twitter following the Treehouse Live segment. Kotaku has reached out to Nintendo for more information and will update the story when it responds.


    Good on them for listening but it really shouldn't have been overlooked to begin with. Still good news all the same, I wonder how long it'll take to add that feature though?

      Given how many other fan requested features they seem to have added to SMM2, it seemed a strange oversight to me that friend matching wasnt there in the reveal video. I wonder if it was a simple booboo on their behalf or if theres something more we dont know. It just seemed weird that Nintendo missed it.

      Either way, it's good news that it''s there as you say.

    What funny about this decision is watching the 180 from the Ninty fanboys who were previously going to the ends of the earth to defend the original policy.

    I do wonder why they didnt have this in the first place. Nintendo seems to have a mild case of foot in mouth disease.

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