Forget Hug Pillows, Here Is An Anime Boy Hug Speaker

Instead of hugging a pillow, let this speaker hug you. Behold the hug speaker, ready to wrap you in music and a soothing embrace.

The huge speaker depicts Ixa, the hero from Level-5's Otome Yusha mobile game.

You can wear him outside.

Take him on dates (with other dates).

Or get coffee together.

And when he gets tired, just plug him in. Easy!

This speaker, which really should be a product sold in stores, is currently a present that will be given to one lucky Otome Yusha fan.

Watch it in action below:


    I'm not going to judge your sleeping habits, but good luck sleeping with those creepy disembodied arms closing around you. And why try to match those arms with that cartoonish face? #nightmarefuel

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