Japan Polled Over Nintendo Switch Lite Interest

Image: Nintendo

Are folks in Japan interested in buying a Nintendo Switch Lite? Let’s see what a new poll on Japanese site Inside reveals.

The poll asked Switch owners and non-owners whether or not they planned to purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite. There were over 5,000 replies (5,191 to be exact). Here is how those results breakdown:

5. “I won’t buy a Lite, but I will buy a (regular) Switch.”

342 votes: 9 per cent of those polled

These are non-Switch owners who are not interested in the upcoming Lite but do want to purchase a standard Switch.

4. “I will pass on this version of the Lite.”

393 votes: 10.4 per cent of those polled

The inference here is that an announced future Lite iteration, with features like TV Mode, might be of interest.

3. “I already have a Switch, but I will purchase a Lite.”

676 votes: 17.9 per cent of those polled

For those who don’t think one type of Switch is enough.

2. “I don’t own a Switch, but I will purchase a Lite.”

1,111 votes: 29.4 per cent of those polled

It seems for these individuals, the Lite is more appealing than the regular Switch.

1. “I already have a Switch, but I will pass on the Lite.”

1,258 votes: 33.3 per cent of those polled

This answer edged out non-Switch owners who wanted to buy a Lite.

Out of those polled, 47.3 per cent say they will buy a Switch Lite. The majority of those polled, however, say they will not.


    Sure, I'll draw reliable conclusions from a sample of 5,000 people out of millions with no real controls over the population split.

    I personally would be trading my Switch in for a Lite if it just had the ability to connect to TV but since it doesn't I have absolutely no interest. It's a really weird decision to take the key selling point of the Switch and remove it. This isn't a "Cool" feature like 3D, it's an integral part of what makes the Switch a more attractive prospect than a TV only home console.

      Being honest, the only time the Switch gets connected to my TV is for Mario Party, so I don't see it as an essential feature.

      That being said, it already has all the hardware there to do TV out, its weird how its not supported.

        I'd actually love to see stats from Nintendo on the split between those that mostly use their Switch in handheld compared to docked.

        Personally, mine only leaves the dock when I'm taking it to another room. I'd buy another genuine dock if they were cheaper.

      Well it's Japan. No poll required really.
      I'd write a longer comment but the ads keep covering my phone screen.

      You've hit the nail on the head in regards to how I feel about it too. If the Lite was $199 i'd maybe think about getting one if it didn't dock. The issue I have is the OG dock is the perfect charging station as well as supplying TV out. Just throw it in and forget it.

      If the Lite had TV out, I'd be in line for one. We use our Switch with a mixture of docked and mobile.

    At the recent $288 price point, it was enough for me to pre-order one, it would have been nice if it just had a HDMI port for the occasional TV hookup, but really I want this to replace my 3DS, so all good.

    I already own a Nintendo Switch and will not downgrade to the Switch Lite.

    I'd love to buy one, but then I'd have no money left to buy those full-priced games!

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