Stop Freaking Livestreaming While Driving

Stop Freaking Livestreaming While Driving

A worst-case scenario: being the subject of a video on the subreddit Livestream Fail titled “Guy wrecks car while reading Twitch chat and driving.”

In the 2018 video, a Twitch streamer named Jaystreazy is at the wheel of his car, rapidly shifting his eyes between the road and what is presumably a mounted phone screen displaying a live feed of Twitch viewers’ comments.

A fan whose handle includes the number “420” tells Jaystreazy that his stream is “pretty awesome.” Jaystreazy agrees, reiterating, “This is pretty fucking awesome,” before immediately crashing his car.

You might think that incident, and around a half-dozen others, would have scared people off doing it again, but Twitch users are still streaming while driving. Over the last couple weeks, two more Twitch streamers have been thrown in Twitch jail for it, resulting both in their suspensions and embarrassing footage of their recklessness.

Please, streamers, look us in the eye and repeat after us: “Literally no one cares about my driving content enough for me to risk dying for it.”

Twitch streamers — hell, influencers of any sort — face enormous pressure to be constantly online. That’s how they build their brand, their fanbase and their cash donations. For some streamers, and especially those streaming under Twitch’s grab-bag “IRL” section, being constantly online means having a video camera pointed at you all day, wherever you go, and interacting with your viewers all the while.

If there’s any takeaway from the last couple years so far, it’s that attention is money, and that people who have lots of both attention and money can be fucking dumbasses.

The recent streaming-while-driving instances in question: streamers Mitch Jones and Kailey “Kbubblez” Hankins were at the wheel together in late June when, on a camera held by Jones, Hankins rolls right through a stop sign at a four-way interaction and, shortly after, another. Jones, sitting beside her, is exasperated.

“Oh my god,” he says after she blows through a third stop sign with a left-hand turn. “I would rather drive looking at my phone.” She responds: “What do you mean?”

ImageGif: Mitch Jones, Kbubblez

Jones had been suspended from Twitch days prior after himself driving while looking at Twitch chat on his phone. On Twitter, Jones apologised.

This weekend, Dexerto reported that on July 10, the streamer Bri Teresi—while livestreaming—ate spoonfuls of ice cream from a pint container while steering with her knees. That too resulted in a suspension.

“Our channel got striked on Twitch because I was not being the best driver :/ I’m sorry guys, I won’t be distracted while driving again,” said Teresi on Twitter. “I realise how stupid & reckless it is. @katieteresi & I will be streaming Vidcon from our YouTube channel!”

Streaming while driving has been inciting controversy for years, with Twitch suspending multiple accounts for violating its rule against “self harm.” Twitch’s guidelines clarify that “self harm” includes “Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited,” and cites “dangerous or distracted driving.”

If the multiple instances where streamers get into car crashes — sometimes while intoxicated — as they completely refuse to pull themselves away from their oh-so compelling drivel chat streams hasn’t convinced anyone to stop doing that, here’s another try. The money or followers you lose from logging off doesn’t hold a candle to how much it costs to defend yourself in court for vehicular manslaughter.


  • Personally i think it should lead to A) a permanent twitch ban, and B) a permanent driving ban.
    Anyone who thinks it isnt dangerous doesnt have the judgement required to be in control of a motor vehicle.

  • You can be booked for this in Queensland. One of my mates was a passenger in a car, with his friend in the passenger seat livestreaming himself and him as they drove around. They were pulled over and queried as to what they were doing. Apparently it’s still an offense to do this, as it’s considered ‘distracting the driver’. No idea what the fine is or whatnot, but I found that interesting enough. Just simply *don’t do it*. Noone needs to bloody watch you driving around, noone.

      • I don’t think there’s any actual law regarding streaming itself. I believe it comes under the idea of distracting the driver, them not keeping their attention on the road etc.

        • Ah true. Yeah I had a look at the QPS website, the whole distracting the driver thing just seems obnoxiously broad hey – eEven just adjusting the radio can technically class as driving distracted apparently – but extending it to the actions of a passenger? that’s messed up.

          • I’d hope they’d extend common sense in that regard. I completely agree livestreaming could, but adjusting the radio is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

          • You adjust the radio and then run over a family that has just walked out on to the road while your attention was distracted.

          • Actually when i lived in Queanbeyan NSW years back there was a fatal accident where a truck ran over a pedestrain, he was changing the station on his radio and didn’t see them.

        • Yeah so weird hey. The example I saw on their website was people eating cereal while driving – which admittedly is pretty dumb – but yeah technically eating a chip, having a sip of water or whatever, anything could count.

          • HAHAHAHA eating cereal WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF. Who is inclined to eat cereal whilst driving. But yeah sucks, means if your unlucky and get the wrong police officer and they catch you snacking technically you can get a fine 🙁

      • I don’t doubt that at all. It was just the first time I’ve heard of someone being booked because the passenger using a livestream in a car 🙂

    • That’s dumb as hell, literally no different to having the radio/music playing or even just having a discussion with your passenger. Why don’t we get booked for that? The examples in this article were legit, but your story shows the heights of police ignorance.

      • What, turning, looking at the camera and talking because of livestreaming? I highly disagree there. Your attention is on a camera, it’s diverted from the road for an extended period of time. That’s not police ignorance. That’s the police trying to keep the roads safe from idiots doing things like livestreaming.

  • Fixed: “Literally no one cares about my driving content enough for me to risk killing an innocent bystander for it.”

  • Twitch jail? How about bloody real jail?

    If you want to commit suicide by idiocy go knock yourself out. Just dont take anyone with you… which is most often what happens when they smash into anything else besides a concrete wall…

  • Some great footage when they go bouncing around the cabin because they also are not wearing seatbelts though!

  • The only time I’ve seen a driving stream done properly is when the person just drives and talks and does not look at anything but the road while moving, Like talking on a handsfree.

    The only time they look or even touch a device is when they are stationary, With the car turned off.

    The person streaming was an off duty police officer so most of these things were a given.

    • What I don’t understand is why anybody would want to watch that in the first place? I mean… A guy just sitting there driving?

    • The only proper Driving Sream in my books are from the car channels who do it either
      A) as a passenger recording the drive itself but not talking to the driver just making a comment or 2
      Or B) The streamer is using a head cam so their not looking at the camera nor are they distracted by it and driving whilst occasionally throwing in their 2 cents on the drive itself.

      And more importantly its all done in a race track! Any other stream besides those above is basically an idiot accident waiting to happen in my books

      • Yeah, the head cam or fixed mounted camera actually showing the road ahead so you can see what’s going on – those can actually be interesting, especially if it’s a car you’re interested in and are possibly considering buying yourself.

        It’s the ones like those mentioned in the article that make no sense to me – the camera pointed back at the driver, so that’s all you see? I just don’t understand why anybody would want to watch that, or why these people would think anybody else would want to watch them? It’s just more of the vapid egotism that social media seems to nurture.

  • What was he thinking?!
    Livestreaming on Twitch while you’re driving is both dangerous and illegal and you shouldn’t be doing that you could get yourself injured or killed if you livestream yourself on Twitch while you’re driving you could also kill a pedestrian if you livestream on Twitch it’s dangerous and illegal.
    Livestreaming on Twitch while you’re driving is not worth losing your life over.
    It’s both dangerous and illegal just don’t do it while you’re driving.

  • The idea that I have to share a road with people like this makes me break out in nervous friggin’ hives.

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