Wait, There's A Wind Waker Village In Breath Of The Wild?

Somehow, despite the game being out for over two years now, it’s taken until July 2019 for us to find out that there’s an entire village from Wind Waker that has been replicated at the edge of Breath of the Wild’s map.

While playing, John from GameXplain was walking around Lurelin Village when he noticed that the layout of the buildings seemed... familiar. As did their design. And when you add in the fact there’s also a giant ladder leading to a lookout platform, it all came together.

This is Outset Island, your starting point from Wind Waker, recreated almost identically in Breath of the Wild’s south-east corner. And it isn’t even subtle! It’s just out there, lookin’ just like it, so I guess we can chalk up the late discovery to the fact that nobody ever actually visits Lurelin Village in the first place.


    I didn't find Lurelin until right near the end of the game. I was so suprised to find I'd somehow looked over it. But I'm thinking I'm not alone.

    I found this place ages ago when the game first came out and just naturally assumed it was already a widely known little easter egg. Honestly surprised this is only being found out now by the wider BotW community.

      Yeah I had the same experience. Didn't realise it was widely unreported on.

      Same, I swear I even remembered reading about it back then but couldn't find where it was.

    It's a bit of a stretch to say it's an exact replica. It's no doubt inspired by the Wind Waker town but it's still very different to the original.

    It's been a while since I played it but iirc there's a shrine reasonably close to this coastal town so I'm not quite sure how you could pass by without finding it.

    Further proof kotaku does not play games

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