Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Addresses A Classic Meme

Later this year, Square Enix will put out a graphical remaster of Final Fantasy VIII for modern consoles. You may be pleased to learn that, thanks to its new high-def character models, this remaster will ruin a classic Final Fantasy meme.

It’s hard to tell who came up with this one, but it’s at least five years old. It’s a brief, beautiful moment from the ballroom dance scene early in Final Fantasy VIII’s story.

Squall, our hero, meets Rinoa, our heroine, for the first time. She pays him a wonderful compliment. He appreciates it.

This morning, Square dropped this bombshell:

Unbelievable. Squall, what do you think about this whole thing?



    Favourite Final Fantasy game by far and my favourite character, all that teen angst I could picture him listening to Evanescence or Chemical Romance whilst "shipping" his GF'S.

      GF's as in Guardian Force not Girlfriend, thought I would post again rather than edit.

        Have an up vote for a) having excellent taste in FF adventures and b) supplying me with that excellent image of squall writing fan fiction with my chemical romance on. Sublime

      FF8 was definitely underrated. I think what put people off after FF7 was the materia system being devolved into a stolen charges mechanic, which kinda sucked. Still, I enjoyed it a lot. Beating Omega Weapon was hard as nails!

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