New Apex Legends Axe Costs $237 In Coin Packs

They say you’ve got to spend money to make money. In the case of Apex Legends’ new event, you’ll have to spend $237 to earn the opportunity to spend $15 to unlock a $52 virtual axe. Confused? Oh, my friend, we’re just getting started.

Raven’s Bite is an Heirloom-quality melee weapon added as part of Apex Legends’ Iron Crown Collection event. Heirloom is the highest tier of items in Apex Legends, so you’d expect the axe to be pretty expensive. Raven’s Bite will cost you about $252, and you have to jump and/or buttslide through a ridiculous series of hoops to get it.

The Iron Crown Collection contains 24 other rare and legendary-quality items players can unlock. In order to sink your own loot-hungry teeth into Raven’s Bite, you’ve first got to unlock every other item in the collection. This involves — what else? — opening event-specific loot boxes, which thankfully do not contain duplicate items.

You can pick up a whopping two of those loot boxes by earning an event-specific in-game currency called Crowns via in-game challenges. However, you’ve got to buy the rest with the game’s regular currency, Apex Coins. Iron Crown packs go for around $10 a pop in said currency. That totals out to $228, but you have to buy coins in packs. If you want to get the least-bad bang for your buck, your best bet is to grab two packs: one that contains $148 worth of coins and another that’s worth $89. This will leave you with some bonus coins (pricier packs contain additional coins), which will come in handy.

With every other Iron Crown item unlocked, you do not simply obtain Raven’s Bite. Instead, you unlock the right to purchase it for 3,500 coins, or around $52. Because you will, by this point, have a couple thousand coins left over, you’ll only need to purchase an additional 1,000 coins for $15. Then, finally, the axe will be yours. For a total of $252.

To be fair, it’s a neat-looking axe. Is it $252 of neat? In my travels across both coasts of the continental United States and Japan those two times, I would argue that I’ve never seen an axe I’d spend $252 on — real or virtual. But that’s just me. I bet there are some pretty good axes out there. I should travel more.

Apex Legends fans are not thrilled. The game’s subreddit is in revolt over this clear test of people’s tolerance for complex microtransaction schemes, with people saying that this is where Apex Legends “lost” them and warning others not to spend money on Iron Crown packs.

Even big Apex Legends streamers like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek—who helped consult on the game before it came out—find the whole thing mind-boggling, asking during a recent stream “Why would they include this?”

Apex Legends’ only other Heirloom-quality set, Wraith, is similarly surrounded by a moat full of loot boxes and guarded by a dragon (also made of loot boxes). There’s a less than one per cent chance that the Wraith set will drop, but you’re guaranteed to get it after opening 500 regular, non-event loot boxes. Regular loot boxes mercifully cost $1, but that’s still hundreds of dollars in total if you go the pure spending route.

After the Iron Crown event wraps up, Raven’s Bite will, according to developer Respawn, enter Apex Legends’ regular loot pool, likely with similar odds to the Wraith set. 


    I enjoy playing Apex, but these new micro transactions are a fucking joke. More so than they were before.

      Do they even count as micro-transactions at this stage? It's just, straight up transactions now.

    Why would they do this? Because somewhere out there is the white whale who will spend that money.

    I think the colossal, dumbass, why did you even think this was a good idea? Is the price point.

    Before you assume I'm a complete dumbass, Rainbow Six Siege monetises their events the exact same way: New items only obtainable via loot boxes, no duplicates so you "only" need to buy as many boxes as there are items and you've guaranteed you've gotten what you want/gotten everything.

    Thing is I just checked how much it would cost to get everything in the recent Rainbow is magic event and it would take ~$60 to buy all 17 items.

    That's bad, but it's not spend $200+ to get all 24-ish items bad.

    That is what I believe to be the truly stupid thing about all this is: Do what your fellow game makers did, but do it at over 3x the price.

    You're telling me that this free-to-play game contains outrageous microtransactions?! You owe me a new monocle, Grayson.

    If you actually saw that Shroud video in full you'd know he defended these exact micro transactions due to it being a free to play game, he even compared it to Fortnite at one point with how often they release new cosmetics... Though he did agree with people in his chat that Apex should sell skins separately so you can specifically buy only what you might want.

    I guess that'd require some actual looking into by Mr Grayson though, so nah... Far easier to just slap the big name in an article while blatantly misrepresenting the context.

    And what does a 50/100 Loot Box per season, Overwatch player spend a year?

    Jim Sterling is right, all this shit is an absolute plague on the gaming industry. I'm off any game with micro-transactions at this point.

    It sure is a shame because some of the loot does look neat, but it's a free to play game, so who really cares? People should just expect this for Apex now, I certainly don't agree with it but I have spent about thirty dollars all up and have enjoyed hundreds of hours already. I mean sure it's predatory but half the things sold in the world are done in a predatory way anyway right?

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