Cory Barlog Says The Witcher 3 On Switch Is ‘Some Kind Of Dark Sorcery’

Cory Barlog Says The Witcher 3 On Switch Is ‘Some Kind Of Dark Sorcery’

CD Projekt and Saber Interactive might have sacrificed a little graphical fidelity to get The Witcher 3 running on Switch, but it looks like it was worth it, with a massive spike in UK sales as well as the acclaim of God of War’s Cory Barlog.

When asked over the weekend what he thought of the port, Barlog points out that The Witcher 3 is three times as big as all of his games combined, and said that getting it working on Switch required “some kind of dark sorcery.”

Barlog goes on to acknowledge the “graphical tradeoffs” of the port (undocked, The Witcher 3 runs at just 540p on Switch, increasing to 720p while docked), but says that he’s “more than cool” with that “to realise this glorious feat of dev magic.”

Of course, CD Projekt is likely to be more interested in those sales, but as someone who’s yet to make their first portable foray to The Continent, I’m pleased to learn how well The Switcher appears to be running.

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  • I played the hell out of The Witcher 3 on PC and not looking to play it again on a different platform, but damn if I’m not impressed they managed to get it on the Switch.

  • That moment when the majority of an article is nothing more than repeating pieces of a tweet which is quoted in full.

    Here we sit on the bleeding edge of games journalism.

    “original reporting” indeed.

    • I’m sure one day Mario will get murdered or the Riot Games office will crash into a bus and you’ll get a real games journalism out of it.

  • The game looks pretty freaking amazing on PC though, sometimes I would just sit and soak in the ultra detail of Kaer Morhen. Looking at some of the comparisons there is a pretty significant difference on the switch, in terms of overall detail, poly count, dynamic lighting and draw distance. But they have done a pretty good job nonetheless and wouldn’t detract from already amazing gameplay. Just wouldn’t get those “holy shit this is beautiful” moments on PC where you can really take stock of the beautiful art and attention to detail put into the game.

  • Dark sorcery?

    Hardly. They lowered the settings and played around to see what the switch would handle. They then lowered the texture quality and audio quality so it would fit on a switch cart.

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