Everything Paradox Interactive Announced At PDXCON 2019

Everything Paradox Interactive Announced At PDXCON 2019

Earlier at PDXCON 2019, Paradox Interactive revealed a ton of new expansions for many of their popular games. They also announced a new sequel to Crusader Kings II and a delay for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2.

Crusader Kings III

This was most likely the biggest announcement from the event. We have more info about the sequel here. Crusader Kings III is coming next year to Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Prison Architect Is Getting A New Expansion In 2020

This new expansion wasn’t given an official name or release date, but it looks to be Alcatraz themed. Our best guess: You will get to build and operate island prisons. Paradox also announced that the console exclusive Pysch Ward DLC will be coming to PC on November 21, 2019.

Stellaris Is Also Getting A New Expansion And New Aliens

Paradox is releasing a new species pack for Stellaris soon, on October 24. This new species is rock-based and will feature new gameplay and in-game portraits. And later this year, a bigger expansion will be released. Federations will add more diplomacy features and a galactic senate as well as new ways to team up with other alliances and governments.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Has Been Delayed

Originally set to launch in early 2020, the game will now launch later than expected. It is still coming out in 2020, but no window was given. The developers released a blog post detailing their reasons for delaying the game, stating “… there’s the responsibility to avoid some of the issues that plagued the first game, which was famously launched too early.”

Surviving The Aftermath Launches Into Early Access On The Epic Game Store

The successor to the popular Surviving Mars, Surviving The Aftermath is a management sim that is all about living in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is available today in Early Access on the Epic Game Store and on Xbox One via the Game Preview program.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Revelations expansion announced

Wow, they really had a lot of expansions to announce, didn’t they? Add this one to the long list of new expansions. This is the first expansion for Age Of Wonders: Planetfall and it add a new faction, over 30 new locations, new campaign missions and more. This big expansion will be out on November 19.

A New Battletech Expansion Is Coming

Heavy Metal is a new expansion for Battletech that will add eight new mechs featuring several classic designs, a Flashpoint mini-campaign, and eight weapon systems. If you have the Season Pass, Heavy Metal is included in that. The new expansion comes out on November 21.


  • Paradox: We won’t be using the historical Latin phrase “Dues Vult” in the latest iteration of Crusader Kings due to the toxic alt right’s appropriation of the word.

    Also Paradox: Please enjoy this trailer of a baby being murdered in the latest iteration of Crusader Kings.

    Now might be a good time to buy the expansions to CK2 if they are finally moving onto CK3.

    • I don’t understand how Dues Vult is a racist thing now… It means “God wills it” so its more a religious thing than anything else. I think it was a meme for, like, 3 seconds internet time, so who gives a fuck? It makes me sad seeing company bowing to the alt-left.

      • It makes me sad seeing people think there is some alt-left conspiracy lobby that counters the alt-right as if there was natural balance in the universe that made such things so.

      • It became a racist dogwhistle because of its association with the Crusades, where white Christian warriors fought against Muslims. Modern anti-Muslim and white supremacist groups tend to obsess over periods of history where violent actions were taken at scale against other groups they take exception to (see also: Nazi Germany).

        I have no opinion on Paradox’s decision, personally. Nominally, I have no problem with historically accurate terms being included in historically accurate games, provided they don’t cause foreseeable incitement outside the fiction of the game.

        Aside, there’s no such thing as the ‘alt-left’, it’s been academically debunked as a construct invented by Trump supporters to create false moral equivalency with the alt-right after Charlottesville. Is there perhaps a particular actual group you’re thinking of that you’re holding responsible for Paradox’s choice?

        • That sort of nit-picking on terminology/labels is asinine at best, and at worst absolutely fucking deceptive if you’re trying to hide the fact that violent, hateful groups on the left actually exist.

          • It’s not nitpicking, nor is it asinine, nor deceptive. ‘Alternative right’ and ‘alt-right’ were terms created by Paul Gottfried and Richard Spencer to give a more acceptable label to white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups in order to try to legitimise them. It’s a term they created for themselves, adopted themselves, and use to publicise themselves.

            ‘Alt-left’ is a term invented by Trump supporters to create false equivalence and imply both sides were equally culpable after Charlottesville exposed the alt-right’s true composition. It’s not a term the left adopts or identifies with, it has no ideological definition, it’s simply an attempt to misdirect attention away from the growing influence of white supremacist and racist groups by saying ‘what about X’.

            None of that implies in the least that there aren’t problem groups in the left. Of course there are. As I said in the last paragraph of my comment, if there’s a specific group within the left he feels is responsible for pressuring Paradox to take action, then that group is where criticism should be directed. There is no group in the left called ‘alt-left’, so between its lack of self-identification and extremely poorly defined scope, blaming most anything on ‘the alt-left’ is simply reinforcing the false equivalence Trump supporters created, and diluting focused criticism on the alt-right and its racist and supremacist composition, which is exactly what those groups want to happen – for well-meaning but naive people to help them deflect the weight of social pressure deservedly directed at them.

          • What i dont get is why when talking about the Alt-right, the ‘omg the alt-left have hate groups’ is the IMMEDIATE justification for some?! History is full of examples of the negativity, violence, society crushing, (attempting) genocide, and all round misery that White hate groups have but to the world and still bring to the world, and some people seem to think the best come back is ‘well the alt-left do stuff to’. YES but their is a universe of difference between the two.

            Hate is bad no matter what the excuse. But what you are saying in another way is: why all the hate for serial killers, this person here killed a person. Yes killing is bad but the scale of difference and the reasoning behind is vastly different and not even comparable.

          • Hate is bad no matter what the excuse.
            Meanwhile, in the very same post you make excuses…

            It’s either horrible behavior or its not, but here you are with a fucking measuring cup and stopwatch talking about time and quantities to ‘qualify’ one as being worse than the other.

            “Well, hold up now… That alt-left group only beat ONE person to the point of hospitalisation at their protest, so they’re clearly not as bad as those alt-right Nazis who beat TWO people at their protest.”

            You are an absolute joke.

          • So you are saying there is no difference than people running around saying things like “The Jews will not replace us”, making the lives hell for anyone with a different colour of skin and actively promoting that they are subhuman, simple because of how they are born.

            While a lot of alt-left things are based around what people BELIEVE (something that is changeable with education and respect), not how they were physically born (which is absolutely unchangeable)

            What part in the entire 20th century did the Alt-Left invade a country with no warning, decimated an entire Continent or a few and tried to exterminate entire groups of people they saw as subhuman and succeeding by the millions, all based on flawed and disproven principles, yet principles some people still idealise today…

            Please show me exactly the long and complicated philosophies (back by history) by which the alt-left is making the whole of society worse? I’ll wait *taps foot*

            Violence is never the answer. I have zero respect for when violence is use. But to say the alt-left is anyway near as bad and widespread as the alt-right is an absolute joke. So please show me this long history where the alt-left is anywhere in the same ballpark of what the NAZIs achieved and what some losers still do in their name. Cos those guys hurt a LOT more than two person in comparison, and then some.

          • It’s not a justification. ITs a reminder that both sides can be as shit as the other. The mainstream media takes one side or the other theses days, and there is very little in the way of REAL neutrality in any of the media these days, Kotaku included.

            Like, if journalists were doing their job, then Trump’s tweets would not be on the news, and instead what he’s making policy would be. But no, instead they all focus on the dumb shit he’s saying to distract everyone from what he’s actually doing. Say what you want about Trump, he went in saying he would build a wall and is now building it. How many polls go in saying they’re gonna do something and then actually do it? NOT MANY. So give him some credit at least when it comes to doing what he was voted in on, even if you disagree with what he’s doing. 😛

      • It won’t stop me from picking up the game eventually but I do think it is sad when developers drop the ball like this. I suspect 90% of the people who play EU and CK don’t even get involved with the screaming left and right of American politics.

      • A lot of us. Well those of us who are aware of the wider world and now that is it is more than just a meme, and 3 seconds of internet time.

        The alt-left?! Are you kidding me. Being mindful of the rise of white-whaevers again, and deciding not to use something that has become associated with them, at least in part, is not alt-left. It is just being a normal functioning adult, with a mind on current affairs.

    • Where exactly is the contradiction? One is a thing that real people say in the real world when encouraging each other to discriminate or murder other real humans. The other is a fictional thing that happened to a fictional baby and that is in no way related to real life events.

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