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Stellaris is supposedly Paradox's most accessible game to date, which is wonderful news for people like me who found Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings a little too convoluted. Hell, the idea of exploring the cosmos before marrying off my daughter to aliens 200 years from now is a pretty good way to sell a game.

But Paradox has got another neat hook they can use: the fact that you could potentially be responsible for unleashing Skynet on the universe.


Like so many other publishers and developers, Paradox Interactive was at the Game Developers Conference today showing off their upcoming projects. One of those is the much-awaited 4X grand space strategy Stellaris, a game they're advertising as Paradox's most accessible game ever.

But they're also promoting it in a novel fashion. With their hats.


Hayley took the limelight earlier this week and when he returns from self-inflicted baby duties, Mark will join in the fun. But in the interim, let's take a break from the open-world RPGs, the torturous punishment of Dark Souls and venture in the weird world of games in 2016 that I'm excited for.