Everything Announced At ExileCon 2019’s Opening Keynote

ExileCon, a celebration of the things Path of Exile, kicked off in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday with a keynote presentation from Chris Wilson, the founder of developer Grinding Gear Games. From Path of Exile 2 to brand new expansions, Wilson showed off the future of Path of Exile, and it’s an exciting future indeed. Here are all the major announcements, in one handy location.

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 is coming, with a gorgeous new visual overhaul, new skill systems and a new, seven act story.

Conquerors of Atlas

Conquerors of Atlas is a brand new end game story expansion, taking place after the fall of the Elder, and will require players to take on the Conquerors to reclaim and expand the Atlas map.

Metamorph League

Metamorph League is a new challenge league, where players find and collect samples from monsters to combine and create their own monsters, known as Metamorphs. This expansion also adds new catalysts that can improve mods on your equipped jewellery.

Path of Exile Mobile and Mac OS

Path of Exile is coming to mobile! While no date was revealed, the hype for the game to make the leap to mobile is real. The gameplay trailer looks great, and Grinding Gear Games promised gameplay with “zero compromises”. It was also confirmed that Path of Exile would be coming to Mac OS.

Those are all the major reveals from ExileCon’s keynote, with many more to come over the course of the weekend. Stay tuned for the rest of our coverage of ExileCon 2019!

Full disclosure: This writer attended ExileCon as a guest of Grinding Gear Games.


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