Pokémon Sword And Shield Are Making Some TVs Shut Off

Pokémon Sword And Shield Are Making Some TVs Shut Off
Screenshot: Nintendo, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Over the weekend, some players sat down to play Pokémon Sword And Shield on their Roku TVs, only to have them get stuck frozen on the startup screen before rebooting. Roku said it’s currently working to fix the problem.

Editor’s note: Roku devices are not sold in Australia. It’s not yet clear if any Australian-bought TVs are being affected.

“We are aware of an issue when using Nintendo Switch and the latest Pokémon game impacting a limited number of Roku devices,” the company said on Reddit. “We are working diligently to resolve this issue.”

People began reporting problems on Reddit and social media after the game was released on Friday. “My Insignia Roku TV is stuck in a loop where it gets to the screen that says ‘Insignia Roku’ and then turns off,’ wrote one person. “It’s on about a 10 second interval that it does it. I’ve removed all connected devices from it, attempted a reset, unplugged it for 10+ minutes, and even tried to factory reset the device and still no luck.”

While Roku didn’t confirm what the cause of the problems were, the company’s current suggested work around includes turning the Switch off or setting it in aeroplane mode, effectively removing it from the home WiFi network. That means for the people currently affected it’s not possible to use Sword and Shield’s online features and their smart TVs at the same time.

While no one yet knows for sure why the latest Pokémon games aren’t playing nice with some Roku devices, there’s some speculation that it may have something to do with how its Y-Comm feature searches for other local players online. Whatever it turns out to be, it’s one more reason I’m thankful for my old LG TV has zero “smart” features and can’t connect to the internet.

Roku and Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


  • I really don’t want a smart TV in my next upgrade, but anything bigger has it built in. I’ve got a chromecast that does everything I want. I don’t want tracking/ads/shitty software that is not updated with a bad UI.

  • My cheapy Kogan TV went black screen on me while playing. I had no idea what was happening. Turned it off and on again and all good, but now this article makes a bit more sense as to what was going on.

  • That’s the reason why you should never buy a smart TV because Pokemon Sword and Shield is going to crash and I hope Game Freak will explain themselves about why Pokemon Sword and Shield keeps crashing.

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