What Are You Playing This Weekend?

There’s nothing better than a chilled weekend where you roll the dice and get completely screwed by RNG.

That’s the wonderful journey I’m going on this weekend, praying to RNGesus for the best cards possible in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The auto battler mode has gone into early access as of yesterday, and it’s accessible on all devices, which is nice and convenient.

I’ve also been working my way through Observer on the Switch, a cyberpunk horror game that I drunkenly played through the opening of many moons ago and have been keen to return to ever since. It looks like absolute garbage in handheld mode, and the controls are still wonky, so I’m a little torn between whether I finish it on the Switch or just grab a copy for cheap on PC.

[referenced url=”https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/08/observer-explores-the-scary-side-of-cyberpunk/” thumb=”https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/t_ku-large/zrnc00bmnfynhwd0wpre.gif” title=”Observer Explores The Scary Side Of Cyberpunk” excerpt=”The image above is that of a woman trapped at the moment before her violent death, endlessly repeating the combination to a secret door she’ll never reach. It’s just one small sliver of the sci-fi mind-fuckery that awaits in the Rutger Hauer-voiced cyberpunk horror game Observer.”]

With any luck, I’ll also finish the Modern Warfare campaign. Thoughts about that next week, but it’s definitely the most interesting Modern Warfare campaign in recent times.

What are you playing this weekend?


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